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I almost forgot.....

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Since that post of Kev's I've decided something. I got a list of things they really need at our local shelter and I am going to buy one big thing of each thing on the list. It's not that I'm nuts or anything, it's just I want to help out. I can't volunteer, I'd just end up taking all the cats home and my s/o wouldn't put up with that, so this to me is a way I can help out. BTW: anyone know what kitten formula is and what is a good brand to get?

(thanks for starting me on this Kev, I feel like I am doing something to help out at least SOME animals this winter)
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Good for you! I volunteer and realized that the best way to help them is to get them homes - the lines of homeless cats are endless (I also have my own source of kittens within the feral cats here).

I use KMR for kitten formula. You can get it in pet stores, but I found it cheaper at my vets or at Farm and Fleet type stores. The TCS Cookbook also has recipes for kitten formulas.
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I missed Kev's post, which one are you talking about???

Giving to the local shelter is a great Christmas present for the cats
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It was a post about him giving a weight set to the shelter for them to sell at an auction, I guess that kind of started me thinking about someone other then myself and my family. I just thought about all those little faces with nothing to open on xmas(so to speak) and it started to eat at me and I decided to get a list and buy one of everything on it for them so they can have a good xmas also!
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Lovely idea Barb. Thanks for thinking of the kitties as well.
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