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Yay I'm Done!!!

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Yay! I'm done with xmas shopping!!! HAPPY DAY!!! I also have all my xmas card out ready to be signed and mailed out! I'm so happy! I can't believe it's all over so soon. SOrry to freak you out like this but you see, I always procrastinate and never get things until the LAST MINUTE and then I am scrambling to buy things and get them mailed out for my family so they can get them on time but not this year,I'm done and they go out Monday! oh happy day for me!
Anyone else done with the holiday shopping?? What about xmas cards, did you already send them out?
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Congrats for being so organised, I am done christmas shopping too (except for the food - that's next week!) and I sent all my cards except one on Wednesday, I'm waiting for my mum to give me the address for the one I have left. I made my cards this year so I didn't send as many as I normally would and as a result EVERYTHING in my house is covered in glitter, it gets everywhere! Now I can just sit back and enjoy myself
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I have been so sick I haven't even STARTED! The good news is that I am much better now. My husband has to work this Saturday, so I'm going to try to get all of my shopping done then. I have a list made out, so it shouldn't be too bad. And the weather here is supposed to be GREAT this weekend!

I still need to do a little baking - my MIL & SIL will be here to visit the weekend before Christmas, so I should have a few goodies to nibble on. But we're not hosting this year, so I don't need to worry about a big holiday meal, just a few potluck items.

I also still need to get the house decorated - the tree is up, but still naked. But that should be fun - I put on the Christmas music, make some cocoa, and try to make the decorating itself a holiday experience.
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jugen, that's wonderful!!! I still have a way to go, I have bought most of the presents, but none of them are wrapped. I haven't sent out any Christmas cards yet, and I haven't done any baking, but I'm planing to start baking Christmas cookies and also make some candy today. At least I have all my Christmas decorations out!!
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MY shopping was finished on Sunday. I THINK that it was safe to buy clothes for the twins, three weeks early. The way that they're growing, though - who knows?

I don't think that Bill has even started. He DOES have my birthday present stashed, though.
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sure rub it in will ya were going to finish up ours hopefully
this weekend
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