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Names Names Names...!!

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Hey guys I just thought it would be interesting to start a thread of our cats "pedigree" names or "registered" names, cos some of them are so cool!!

Here goes:
My Choc point Birman pedigree is Idridgehay Brandysnap - we call her Brandy (or small fry! :laughing: )

My Black Cornish Rex pedigree is Whytuk-Montyzooma (as in Y 2 K......) but we call him Monty.

We also had a dog who's pedigree name was " Whinfrey walking on Silvery Moon" ????!!!! - we called him Caffrey!

My other babies just go by their normal names as they're moggies, but they all have a few nicknames (Lard arse, Stumpy, Chunk, Angelcat etc.... :LOL: )

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Hello Bodlover,
Nice idea for a Thread!!
My cat is no Pedigree just a loveable,
His name is Nomar named after my fav Red Sox player,
Nomar Garciaparra.
Go Red Sox!! :laughing:
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My cats also do not have pedigrees.

There names are:

Male Siamese Simon
Female Siamese DeDe
Female Siamese Violet
DSH Dixie
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Bodlover...I love your cats pedigree names! Unfortunately none of my cats are pedigreed......... but.......if merlin was, his name would be.... The Merlinator (thats what my hubby affectionately calls him.
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Debby - the Merlinator :LOL: that's soooo cute!!!
My baby's name is Eric and all my cats have had human names so I have nothing funny to share. Kitty Baby is what we most often call him and thats exactly what he is - momma's baby spoilt rotten
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Thanks Debby (I quite like them too but there just too long!!) I think "The Merlinator" is a great name!!

What about any names your cats had BEFORE you adopted them? Two of mine were named Jenny and Jake, but we changed them to Merlot and Shandy (we were going through an "alcohol" theme at the time! )

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No Pedigrees

but my pets names are:

Termite moma's boy age14

Lizzy extremely shy age14

Max easy going large (19-20lbs) age 13

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My cats aren't pedigreed either, but their names are Muffy and Puffy. (That's kind of embarrassing to admit! )

When I was growing up, we had a registered Springer Spaniel. His name was Sir Chaucer of Canterbury. We called him Chaucer. My dad was a lit major in college.
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I do not have any pedigreed cats, either, but I do try to put special thought into their names. After 30+ yrs. of having either shelter adopted or feral tamed cats; it is sometimes difficult to come up with different names. . . . .
Also, I sometimes let my nieces choose the names. But, since you asked; here are my cat's names and why:

Muddy Rivers (female) Mostly she is the color of the murky Mississippi
except she has white paw tips where she shook the mud off. . . .

Smokey Josephina (female) she is a grey tabby who thinks she is a ballerina. . . .

Squeaker Elizabeth (female) she is Smokey's identical twin and she wanted two names because her sister got two!

Handsome Boyo (male) Because he is handsome and he "knows" it. . . . . .

Bookey (female) because she was born in a book bag. . . . . . .

MoMo That Monster Boy (male) He is an orange tabby and a "Monster of Love"

Cindy/Cindy (female) yellow tabby with "munchkin" characteristics. She always manages to get covered with dirt or soot like Cinderella. . . .

Morning Glory (female) yellow tabby She always shows up to eat in the early morning. . . . . . .
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Merlinator is adorable!

Actually all the names are tooo cute. Mine are as follows:

Patches - Calico (self-explanatory)

Buttons - solid black with big black button eyes at night and big yellow-green button eyes in daytime.

Stubby Toes - Solid black. Rescued from the highway, he has a stub for a tail and six toes on each of his front paws. (called Stubby, hubby named)

Smokey - Solid gray stray we had neutered and who comes in occassionally when he thinks no one is looking and eats and naps on the rocker.

Black kitty - stray who comes at night and eats.

Other Black kitty = stray who comes at night and eats. (we can't tell BK and OBK apart so we haven't given them official names yet.)
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How do you all come up with the big fancy names? I have never been able to do that! Like, Tigger, Gizmo and Scooter all have TICA papers. I already have Tigger's papers, and her name is just "Tigger" on the registration papers! Ok, how original is that! I guess I am not as creative!
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This is getting off the subject I know - but how about nicknames? So you can talk about them to humans, and not let them know it???

Baby is pampers
Whiskers is lumpy
Boots is tall shoes
Little Red is morris
Noodles is piggy
Poor little Ripley....too young to have one!
No pedigrees here on paper anyways, but all pure hearted in my book!
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Both of my cats are orange DSH.

Squirt is the 5 year-old. He had a variety of names before it was all settled. Squirt was the one that stuck because he was a cute little squirt. He now logs in at 14 lbs., of course.

My 2 year-old is Joey. His name came from the fact that his back legs looked like a kangaroo's when I got him. So, since he was a baby, he got the name of a baby kangaroo. His official name has been lengthened to Joseph P. Kitten somewhere along the way. What the "P" stands for has never been determined. Since he is a mischief maker, he is most often called Joseph, like a kid in trouble being called his proper name. He's pretty skinny for a full-grown cat. When I adopted him at the age of 3 months, he only weighed 1.9 lbs. I suspect he was the runt of the litter.
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Debra; I don't know how to do the [quote] thingy, but I love the part about "Nicknames, so we can talk to humans about them and they won't know what we're doing. . . . . . "
Wanna Bet ? Mine always know when I am talking about them and I pay for it later!
:bat :dali: :jarswim: :splitter:

What about songs? Am I the only one who has cats who have favorite songs?
(okay, okay, before you have me committed) I swear, my babies have favorite songs and they come to the source (be it me singing or the radio or CD) whenever they hear "their song".

Muddy Rivers: anything by CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Handsome Boyo: (his is an original song) lyrics as follows:
I have a very Handsome Boyo.
He's very, very handsome; don't you know. . . . .
From his head to his toes; he's handsome and he knows. . . . .
He's a very, very Handsome Boyo! (it isn't the same without the music)

Smokey and Squeaker (the twins)
Beach Babies by Jan and Dean

Bookey Bookin' Grateful Dead

Mo Mo Monster of Love VanHalen

Okay, I shall go before
you all think I am 100% certifiable. . :jarswim:
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tlk - if you are going nutzy then I am going with you to the nutz house!
One of my old angels, Princess, now at the bridge loved the theme song to 'Old Spice' the aftershave. Whenever that commercial came on TV - she went bonkers!:laughing:
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Our cats just had boring old names, but we created their longer names from their call names:

Blackie (guess why) has been dubbed Theodosius Blackmon, and we figure he plays sax in a jazz band.

Sparky (the original that our current kitten was named for) was Sparkules Sunlion (like Hercules), he was a very yellow tabby.

I call them "you beast" when they do something aggravating. When they are lovable, Sparky the kitten is Little Fuzz; and Blackie is Boo, as in "who's a beautiful boy?" except we use baby talk and say "zoo boo-foo boy?"

Question: You must be a Brit, but for us Yanks (or at least for me) what's a "moggy"?
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Sunlion, a moggy is just a name for a mixed breed kitty, like a domestic long/short hair that is no particular breed, I have three moggies and two pedigrees, the nicknames are as follows:

Boddington (s/h moggy) fatso, lard arse, mummys baby, chunk, pork ball. (believe it or not but he actually comes to all these names!!)

Merle (l/h moggy) Grumps, or Angel cat (depending on his mood obviously!)

Shandy (l/h moggy, Merles sis) Stumps/Stumpy

Monty (Cornish Rex) Haemorroid (sp?!) lovingly named by my Father when he came to visit! or, Skribby (cos hes got such thin legs and a pot belly!)

Brandysnap (choc point Birman) Snap, Snapper, Small Fry, or Mummys Munchkin.

So there you go.......

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You guys are really making me laugh, which I needed right now. How cute and original some of your names are.

I already post mines names but we too use different honikers depending on the moment. Stubby Toes is by turn called Tubby, Tubs, Lardo, Fatboy, and Spitfire (tongue in cheek on that one as he sleeps 22 out of 24.

Love this thread.
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Yes indeed you guys have such cute names for your babies.

My 4 year old is Lily. I call her all sorts of other names, such as:
Lilybell, andything really that rhymes with Lily: philly, silly, hilly and sometimes philladelphia. hmm... don't know where that came from!
My 11 week old is Molly. She is a crazy kitten and I don't have any nicknames I can share here! Just kidding :LOL:

When we were kids my parents named the family dog and cat. Are you ready for these names? WARNING! my parents were a little nuts.

Wego - was the dogs name. As in "Here wego" [we-go]
Iam - was the cats name. As in "Here Iam" [I-am]

The neighbors always got a kick out of it when my mother would be outside yelling... "here Wego, here Iam"

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Wow, kitty names!

Well, I have talked about my Opie forever, I guess because he was always getting beat up by Job...poor baby! Now he's the Alpha!! A very diplomatic one at that....

I have two gorgeous grey boys with seagreen eyes that look identical these days. Before that, Job was a bit more apprehensive of people. Not anymore. I guess his feral days are behind him!

Opie, Job, Sharkey aka Sharkster, SharkMan, BrownBrown, Ninya, & Elvis

BrownBrown's color (browntortie)
Ninya's sooooooo different, she feels like a bunny rabbit...her coat is tabbybrown with white paws and if you brush her fur in the opposite direction she's all gold...very pretty girl.
Elvis is so cute, he has a great personality too. He is such the diplomat
Opie aka Opster, Opman, OpieOp.....:laughing: he's a gold tabby with golden eyes...

Well, those are the kids

I've been lookin' for this thread!!! :laughing: Hi NOMAR,aka NOMIE

PS Swalker, that's hilarious!
I do love this thread! This pic is for the cats that love to sing Oh, and of course those of you that sing along
Love &,
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Here are the names of my cats, past and present, given in the order in which we met:

Guido Jeffrey — So named because he was already named "Guido" when I took him home with me. Jeffrey was the young man who'd looked after him before.

Camille Debra — So named because she was already named "Camille" when I took her home with me. Debra was the young woman who'd kept her before.

Rita Jennifer — So named because she was already named "Rita" when I took her home with me. Jennifer was the young woman who'd kept her before.

Sesheta Gray — I named her after the ancient Egyptian goddess of history-writing: Sesheta. I later learned the family who'd brought her to the animal shelter had named her "Gray."

Michaela Kristin — Her first name was inspired by Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman. My friend Mike had helped me with transportation when Sesheta was expecting and then again after Michaela was born, so I had to work his name into the scenario somehow. Kristin is a very dear friend of mine.

Tonya Robin — As she is an all-black cat, she reminded me of a similar cat rescued by my former friend Tonya. Robin is another long-time (female) friend of mine.

Ricky Bryan — My best-ever snuggle buddy was gregarious in a manner which recalled my former friend Ricky. Bryan is a long-time friend.

Mister Cat — This guy was Mayor of the Feline Neighborhood and remained totally out of doors. He granted us daily audiences and revealed his soft heart, but in a dignified way befitting his office. So, I decided "Mister Cat" was the proper way to address him.

Of these cats, only Michaela and Tonya remain.

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I don't know if I mentioned, and am too lazy to go back to the first page and check.., but other than the name "The Merlinator" which my hubby dubbed him , which I know I mentioned, Merlin also has two other nicknames...I have always called him Merlin Berlin....I have no idea why...just my pet name, and the kids are fond of calling him Merlonski. Not Merlinski, MerlOnski. Rhymes with....uh, lets see... Shaun. As in, Shaunski.....except...Merlonski!
I still prefer Merlin Berlin for some reason! :tounge2:
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Wow Mr Cat!! How do you remember all those names with such detail??!!
(and it looks to me like you have quite a few "female friends" eh? :laughing2 )

And Debby, that is tooooo funny!! Merlonski/Shaun.....:laughing: :laughing2 :LOL:

This is great, keep 'em coming people.....
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I've come to learn that the amount of female freinds a man will have will be proportionate to his ability to commuinicate. I think Mr. Cat's written words gracefully adorn the CatSite; therefore, making him a "cat's meow"

He's one of my hero's anyway...:laughing2
Eeeks, besides Philip of course :laughing2

Love, Peace &
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How very eloquant Cat!! and true too I guess!!! (P'raps we should re-name him "Mr Smooooth Cat" hm? :LOL: )

ah, but we love him sooo
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Our kittens are named Rocky and Gabby.

Rocky because my hubby loves that name and it does just kind of suite him and his personality. He loves to tackle Gabby and wrestle with her.

Gabby because when we first got her she would never stop talking. She still had the gift of the gab. When you talk to her she has a conversation with you.
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Aw, shucks! *is speechless*


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My current kitties are named after racehorses, the girls all after filly Classic winners here in England.
Sunbeam won the 1858 St Leger
Cobweb won the 1824 1,000 Guineas and Oaks
Princess won the 1844 Oaks
Kandy won the 1932 1,000 Guineas.
There's some logic to Princess's name too - her mum was Cobweb's litter-sister who went feral from the farm where they were born and never had a name. The dam of Princess the racehorse never had a name either (in those days horses who didn't actually run often didn't get names) and was identified in the stud book only as "sister to Cobweb".
Red is one for you Americans - Big Red was the nickname of Man o'War. Also my favourite soccer team (Exeter City) are nicknamed the Reds.
In the past I had plant themes (Blackberry, Holly, Peppermint, Honeysuckle) and sporting personalities (Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Franz Klammer). Blackberry's three babies were named after international racing yachts because I happened to be at the Admiral's Cup races at the time they were born: Stars And Stripes, Ragamuffin and Swuzzlebubble.
I've got Tagalie (1912 1,000 Guineas and Derby) waiting for when a have a grey kitty, because Tagalie the racehorse was grey. There are more than 1,000 Classic winners' names waiting......and that's only the English ones. Just wait 'til I start on the US Triple Crown series....

(not my real name - she was a racehorse too)
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Dear Selene :angel2:

How clever and creative of you!! I've always found racehorse's names so cool!!! The only thing I've done similar to that has named my collection of Teddy Bears after famous guitarists....(that's cause I play the guitar) :laughing2 So, way cool Selene...btw...I love your name too.

Love, Peace &

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I agree with you guys!!! Mr. Cat is the cat's meow!!! What a sweetie!!!
And Catarina...did I ever mention how much I love your attachments? They are always so beautiful, and many of them I copy and save....
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