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Cleaning the litter box

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How often should you really wash the litter box with bleach and everything? Is it good for the cat to do that? I plan to do it this weekend, give Em's litter box a good washing. What is the best way to do this??
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As if no one replied to this message yet I'm totally heart broken. If you're out there and listening please send me some info!!!
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Hi Creepyowl,
I clean my cat boxes once a week with scalding water and disinfectant soap. I scrub it out with a very stiff scrub brush. There have been some discussions about bleach lately that you may want to search for. Make sure that the box is dried completely before adding the litter.

It's great to see another Canadian on here!
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Here's the most recent bleach thread.
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Hi CreepyOwl,
Just got back from lunch and found your thread

I wash my litter box every weekend with diluted bleach. I used to use a spray like Fantastick and 409 but I like the disinfection of the bleach. Just make sure you rinse everything well and dry carefully.

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I think it depends how many cats you have . I have to clean mine every 5 days for sure . I do clean with bleach cleaning spray . I spray them down outsite with the waterhose and then spray with the bleach down and let it sid there for at least 3 minutes and then srub them down . After that I spray them again with the waterhose real good down to make sure all the bleach is gone and let air try if I can . But if you only have a few cats , you may only need to clean them once a week .
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I have one box for each indoor cat. I use a clumping litter, scoop the boxes daily, and wash them out every 2-4 weeks, depending on the condition of the litter & box. I dump the litter out completely, rinse the box thoroughly, and fill it with hot water & a little bit of bleach & let it soak for a little while (keep the cats well away from this - some are attracted to bleach). Then I rinse the box thoroughly, let it dry in the sun, and return it to use.

How often you wash the box may depend on how many cats you have, and also what type of litter you use, and if your cat gets the sides dirty, or digs hard (this tends to break up clumps & makes the litter dirtier faster).

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I wash Jeepers tray every day...... she makes such a mess of it. I use diluted disinfectant, rinse very well and then dry thoroughly. It's not like there's ever much litter left in it, she kicks it EVERYWHERE!
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Just a reminder. This is a bulletin board, not a chat board. By that I mean that messages put here are not always answered right away. That has no reflection on who posted it, it has to do with the members who are busy and have other things to do. We try and answer the emergency type questions right away. In the meantime, use the internal search button for the forums and search for past threads about cleaning litter boxes, there are tons of them on here. Remember to click the button that says older threads and it will take you back to the beginnings of the board. This question has been asked repeatedly and answered repeatedly on the forums, which is probably why it wasn't answered right away. Your search words should be cleaning litterbox-
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