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Laptop or Desktop?

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Okay... Tonight I am curious . What type of computer do Ya'll use to post on the board? I am using my brand new Christmas present (laptop)? What do You use?
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Desktop. I stay home a lot now so there's no need to have a laptop around.
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I only have a laptop here at home.
We did have a desktop, but when my son was born we had to dicide who was gonna get that space in the bedroom, that baby or the computer. We choose to let the baby stay there and get a laptop
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Use a desktop, but we are looking to purchase a laptop. (Not that we don't have enough computers here - we only have three desktops!) I still think I would use my desktop mainly. I multi-task too much, and all of my files, my website stuff, etc. is here on the desktop computer.
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I have a desktop and am happy with it. A laptop might be nice but I don't feel a big yank to get one!
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I said undecided because I actually use both. Right now I'm on a desktop but often use my laptop.
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Mostly use my laptop, I can take it anywhere. Once in a while I'll post from my desktop, when I'm working on the finances and need a break .
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Laptop, I purchased it because I was going to school online and needed something I could carry around. I LOVE it! And now that we have a wireless network it's even better! I can be online in any room I want to be and I can even take it with me in the car if I want to play a computer game.
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I've never had a laptop.
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I use a desktop one that I built myself.
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I've got both, but my laptop has just died after only 2 years and not excessive use - I understand they burn out very quickly . . . I use the desktop more coz I can get a bigger screen and the keyborad positioning is much more flexible. Laptops are great for on the move, but give me a desktop in the home or office any day.

JMHO . . .
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My bloke and I have a desktop each, I did have a laptop but my mum spilt tea on the keyboard, didn't tell me and killed it! She bought me my desktop to make up for it!
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Desktop. My next one will be a laptop....hmmmmmm! Maybe I will get one for Christmas
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At home: Laptop
At work: Desktop

I love my laptop
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I had a desktop computer for at least 8 years then last aug finally bought a laptop computer for the following reasons-
laptop is mobile so i can use it in any rooms.
A lot less wires/cords for my 4 mischievous cats to unplug!
I can close the laptop on top of keyboard so the cats can't play with the keyboard.
I wouldn't have to look all over for my mouse (cats would knock it off the desk so it'd be behind the desk, etc.

After having it for a while and LOVING it, something happened that made me VOW to NEVER NEVER BUY ANOTHER DESKTOP COMPUTER!

In Sept, there was a big hurricane hitting my area (MD/DC/VA/NC) and my paranoid sister in Utah would page me every half hour to get online so she could be assured that I was still alive and kicking. After 5-6 hours of this, I lost all electricity so I thought "now my sister will freak out because I won't be able to get online and let her know.." then she paged me to get online and I thought, "well, let's see if I can do it with no electricity" and to my surprise, the laptop functioned fine. I forgot that the laptop has its own battery (about 4 hours worth) so I was able to communicate (SHORT CHATS) with my family via internet for the next 5 days until electricity came back on. Therefore, my family didn't go insane worrying about me.

SO, laptops are very good for emergencies also.
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I use a laptop to post here, because it's compact and fits on a small table tucked into a corner of the living room. I have a desktop upstairs in the study, which I use for work (no Internet connection, as I have confidential info on it, and have already had people trying to "break in"). I have another ancient laptop (11 years old, 386, B/W) that I still use as an electronic dictionary (the entire hard disk is full - with American, British, German, English-German and German-English dictionaries. That way I can do translations out in the backyard, on the train, etc). Laptops are great, until your cat spits up a hairball on the keyboard and screws up the entire computer.
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Both. I have two desktops and three laptops at home. So usually it's whatever is closer at the time.
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I have both a laptop and a desktop. I only use the laptop if I'm traveling. I'm not crazy about laptops. I primarily use my desktop.
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