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some people are so nice.

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My son was taking the kids to school,this morning,and ran out of gas,( he forget to get gas last night)on a road with only about 4 houses.
He want up to this house where this older lady lived,and she took him up to the station and would not take any money from him!I want to buy her some flower's,do you think this is a good idea? We do not know her,but I want to thank her some how.
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Giving her flowers would be a nice gesture.
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Thats a nice thing to do. I think she'd appreciate flowers or something.

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That is nice! I think flowers are a great idea. Maybe a poinsettia, since it's the holiday season?
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Awww that's sweet
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Absolutly, flowers would be wonderful for her to get for being such a sweethaert. It's nice to know that people are so generous even with the dangers we have to deal with these days.
Maybe a pointsettia will be good to give her this time of year!

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That's so great!! A few months ago I lost my licesene(sp?) on Halloween. I thought I would have to go and get another BUT a Cheryl C. sent it back to me in the mail with only a note saying where she found it:Stop&Shop. I want badly to thank her but there was no return address or anything other than her name.

Nice people are great, I try and do at the very least 1 nice thing every day.
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I love the sweet little things that people do! Flowers would be lovely.
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Flowers are great, however, if she has cats, poinsetta's are poisonous to them. I never buy them for that reason alone. What a nice lady!
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that was so nice of her, i think flowers would be a nice thank you
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It is always so great to hear when someone does something nice!!
I think flowers or any small gesture like that would be wonderful, she really deserves it!
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Flowers wouuld be wonderful.
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