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I just bought Lily and Autumn's X-mas

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gifts and gave them to them early!! I bought them each an additional bed buddie fleece bed(they each have one already) and a Petmate Fresh Flow water fountain. I couldn't wait and besides they don't know the difference.

The fountain seems nice and I hope the cats like it!
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I'm sure that they will love it Yeah Christmas came early for them I bet my boys are saying to themselves"Now why can't we get ours now?"
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I don't buy presents for the cats. They aren't much into cat toys and they HAVE a bed - its the queen-size, in our room.

The dogs will get canned food, as a treat.

Last year, Mom wore a skirt with three rows of fringe on it. Rowdy thought that it was nice of Grandma to bring her such a nice toy. The little witch tried to spend the whole day, under Mom's wheelchair.

Buddy will be into the tissue paper and Rowdy thinks that the tree is her toybox. Opie is rather antisocial and will probably spend the day, under the bed.
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I ordered a new horizontal scratching post for my boys- it should be here next week. I'm hoping I'll have enough willpower to keep it until Christmas . I need to re-sisal their big post too- so maybe I'll do that for them until now. Onyx simply loves scratching vertical surfaces, like his Turbo Track, while Gibbons likes to streeeeeetch way up on the horizotal one.

I did get the kitties a new 'toy' in the city last night- a new fish for them to watch. Hes a blue, purple and red Betta named Tarquin (after my fascination with the character of the same name in Anne Rice's book 'Blackwood Farm' )
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My kitties, my mum's kitties and my mother in law's kitty are all getting cat tuna from me for christmas. It's posh tuna without oil, brine or mayo.... especially for kitties. I think the brand is 'My Cat'. They love it so much!!!
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lavish gifts for my cats, but Lily loves to drink out of faucets and I wanted to give them "fresher" water, so I got the fountain.

I know what you mean about the bed. Mine both lounge all over my bedspread and that is why I got them the donut beds. I am TRYING to cut down on the cat hair on the spread!! They really love curling up in the donut beds and they are fairly inexpensive (around $8-$10).

I don't know what to get my oldest cat, Blondie She seems to have everything already (She has lots of toys, treats, etc.) And I am not going to spend alot on a fountain just for her! (she lives seperate from the other two). Any ideas? anyone?
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I spent the $93CAD on the Petmate Fresh fountain.. and my cats STILL insist on drinking out of the toilet! lol..

I got Aiko a nice furbaby collar from Princess Purr! Can't wait to get it! Aiko's new necklace!

Now to find something for Zebra..
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Our three inside kitties got a cat tree for Christmas. It arrived early so we put it together and they love it
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