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stud fee?

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what's the average stud fee for himilayans? My daughters teacher
knows I have 3,but I don't do that, I said I could find out.

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Stud fees vary greatly - it depends on the quality of the cat one is dealing with. Whether he is a top show winner, a mediocre cat that someone is looking to stud for a few dollars, or somewhere in between.

I'd guess that stud fees can range from $100 or so, right up to around $1,000+. Some breeders aren't looking for actual cash, and would prefer a kitten back instead of a stud fee. It varies greatly from breeder to breeder.

Himalayans as a breed are quite common, and the quality of them runs the gamut from extremely high to downright bottom of the barrel. In my opinion, and I am sure others will disagree with me, all but the highest quality individuals should be spayed/neutered in order to move the breed forward in a positive direction.
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Most breeders agree 100% with what Cathy has said. With that in mind I would be VERY wary of someone offering stud service. Most breeders DO NOT no matter what offer their studs to outside queens. A "BYB" will do it with their palms open waiting for that cash.

There are a lot of things that cats can pick up from breeding with eachother, besides FELV/FIV and FIP there is fungus, mites, URIs, fleas, internal parasites, etc.

Cats also breed differently from dogs. When stressed or introduced to a strange enviroment queens will go out of heat. That means that the owner of the stud will have to keep your girl for at least another two weeks until she seasons again. I wouldnt trust my girls in a home of someone I didnt know...no matter how nice they were.

I have only done stud service for very close friends and have gotten stud service from close friends. I know them, their cattery, their cats, and trust them with my cats and know that everyone will be safe and things will go accordingly. When I have done stud service and gotten stud service it was always for a kitten back.

If your daughters teacher absolutely wants to breed her queen suggest her purchasing a stud. She can alter him when she is done breeding him and have another cuddly kitty around the house. I would first try to talk her out of it though!!!!
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I breed cats and I do not do let my studs breed except with my queens..
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Same here!!!!!!
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