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Fostering advise?

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I am considering fostering some 10 day old kitties, now I realize this is intense with regular bottle feedings, but does anyone have any advise? I know the shelter will tell me what to do, but I thought one you might a) tell me whether or not I am crazy and b) any advise in general.
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I'm currently raising 18 days old, this is my 8th litter....if you haven't done it before it's hard for the first week.....babies are really demanding as in feedings but my best advice is to love them give them attention...i have a carrier pouch that hangs around my neck and i carry them around in that they seem to like me being as close as possible....they sleep in a little basket next to my bed they have since they we're born since there mom didn't have any milk...

It's a bit hard to get used to but the rewards of watching them grow day to day is amazing....you'll cry and laugh n be proud...it's like raising one of your own children...

Your a angel for even thinking of taking on poor lil babies
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I had a litter of 10 day old orphans earlier this year. Yes, they are a lot of work, and need round the clock feedings (they cannot go 8 hours without food at this age). My husband and I set the alarm clock all night long to get them thru their feedings.

Have you ever done this before? There is a LOT of information to know about kittens this young from their environment, to feeding, to elimination (you have to wipe their behinds until they are 3-4 weeks old), bathing, keeping them warm, etc, etc, etc.

If my husband didn't do as much as I did, I don't think I could have done it by myself (I also work). He or I had to be at the house 24 hours a day until they were close to 5 weeks old. It gets easier once they hit 3-4 weeks old, but still need round the clock time until they are fully weaned.

I found the experience highly rewarding, but it is not an easy thing to undertake. I would not think you were crazy to do it as long as you know what you are getting into.

There is a woman in my area that does nothing but orphaned kittens and puppies. If I find a litter this young again, I will be calling Wanda next time.

I hope this helps - please let us know what you decide. I remember contributing to a thread a while back that talked about hand raising orphaned kittens, and there are a number of websites out there on the topic. I will find those if you decide to go forward with this.
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Here are my 10 day old orphans the day after we found them (Muddy, Koko, Jake and Elwood).
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Thanks, this helps a lot. I can see the carrier pouch helping a lot. And I will tell you if I do it for sure to get those links.
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Here's a thread that has a bit of information in it.

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