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My furballs

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I just got my pictures back and thought I would share.

Here is Max. He's a feral that we rescued when he was 6 weeks old. Mom had abandoned him and he was really small and sickly...and not to mention WILD! He's quite the suck, 4 years later.
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And here is the princess of the house, Sydney.
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Two gorgeous kitties!! You sure wouldn't know that Max was a feral. He sure looks like a love. And Sydney is so pretty! I just love calicos and tortis.
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Both are very beautiful cats
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what a couple of sweeties, looks like they ahve a good home
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Awwww, they are both adorable! I love the markings on Sydney's face.
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Thank you for the compliments. I'll make sure to pass them onto the kitties!
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Max and Sydney are so pretty!
Max looks like my Mozart, looooove those orange cuties.
Sydney poses just like my Kayla, and she's a princess too! She wraps her tail all around her.
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They are both beautiful and the facial markings on Sydney are gorgeous!
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They're both beautiful.
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I love reds! Give them scritches from me they are adorable!
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I finally get to see pics of the furkids I keep hearing about!! Very cute! Give Syd and Max some scritches from me!

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Aww, thanks guys.
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Aww they look like sweethearts!
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Here's an update pic of the brats with my new digital camera.
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awww very cute!
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I your kitties! They are adorable! I bet he loves that tent!

(I love your floor too. )
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OMG they look so cute together .What a great shot from both together .
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What cuties
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Your cats are so lovely, I want them. Soooooooo!! pretty.
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