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litter crystals

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Who has tried this? I love it. It's these little crystal balls and you only change them 1x per month. They absorb and neutralize the smell of urine, and you just scoop out the #2's. Reggae and I love this litter
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My cats loved it too- they loved to play with it, toss the crystals out of the litterbox and chase them across the floor and eat them. I went back to my good old stall dry-
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lol at hissy,
I tried them, and they are good with odour control, but with multiple cats it just proved to be too expensive, plus the urine colours the crystals yellow, and i couldn't deal with looking at that everytime i passed by the litter!
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Yeah I tried them. Found them all over the place. Em would chase them around the kitchen floor. Would drive me nuts. Didn't think he should be playing with something like that. I like the Feline Pine.
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Well , I use it mixed with the regular clumbing litter . It is pretty good that way . Better smell any way .
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were going to try this
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I'm trying them in one of the litter boxes. Right now we have clumping litter in one, feline pine in another, and crystals in the third. The cats seem to like it so far, and it stops odor quite well. I haven't had the problem of them playing with it, thank goodness!, but my cats are all older.

I've considered switching over the other boxes to crystals, but the cost for multiple cats is a little prohibitive still - hoping the price will continue to drop.
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Russell and Esper loved them. They picked them up with their paw and dropped them back in the tray. (Aww...isn't that cute?) Then they flicked it and chased it all over the house. And even mixing it with their regular litter, (Breeder's Choice), didn't help matters. They managed to still chase the crystals everywhere. What smart kitties I have.

Now I just use the regular stuff. It's sooooooooooooooo much easier.
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Tried the mix of clumping litter with crystals - can't stand finding the little blue dots (crystal) all over the house. Back to good old clumping for me.
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