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Recovering New Jersey Cat Needs A Home!

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I've been feeding a stray that needed surgery for entropian (inward) eyelids. I brought him to the vet to get the surgery, plus neutering. In addition, he got his three-year rabies shot, de-wormed, rid of fleas and ticks and tested (negative) for FIV/Leukemia.

I would take care of him myself, but I'm unemployed and live in a little apartment with two cats of my own. I don't want to get rid of "Sunshine" after all I've been through with him, but I can't afford it. If you're in the NJ area and can provide a home for him, please respond soon. I don't want him to live in a shelter cage. He requires too much affection to be couped up like that.

Attached is a photo of him before the operation. I hope the photo shows up in this thread because it didn't in "preview" mode. It's only been a week since surgery so he's still healing.
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email the photo to me (don't zip it) and I will post it for you.

Send it to
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And here is the sweet boy-
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ohhhh what a poor baby he is and so cute looking . I hope you find somebody for that cute little one .
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Thanks, Hedi. And also thanks to Hissy for posting the photo!
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Awww that poor baby! what's wrong with his eyes?
bless you for feeding this little guy
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He had entropian eyelids which means they curl inward and constantly rub against his eyes and cause a constant discharge. I just took the surgical collar off of him today. I'll have to take another photo soon. He looks much better.
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I've posted the newest photos of Sunshine on a web page. You can find them at:
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He looks so much happier! I hope this means that he will find a good forever home soon. Good luck!
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OMG he could be MY Sunshine's twin!!!
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He is looking sooooo much better...I do hope you can find him a home.

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He sure is a handsome boy and looks so good now . You did a great job . Hoping for him to find a for ever home soon .
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Wow. It's nice to log on and see all of these wonderful responses. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and wishes! There's so many of you that it's tough to respond to each one individually. Sunshine thanks you too. Right now he's rubbing at my legs as I type this.
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Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see photos taken today!
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Wow! It is amazing how much better he looks. You are a wonderful person to have made his life so much more comfortable. I can't imagine how miserable he must have been with that awful eye condition.

Bravo to you!
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He looks so much better now . He is a beautiful boy you sure did a great job taking care of him
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Sorry to tell you all this, but Sunshine's situation just got a whole lot better, and then took a nose-dive for the worse.

On Wednesday, my girlfriend Lacey called a no-kill animal shelter for me and asked if I could bring Sunshine in on Friday. The guy who answered the phone said it was OK.

I was minutes away from bringing him in when she called me and said they told her they now had no vacancy. I've already typed them an e-mail telling them that I'll never donate money to their shelter again. I also gave a link to the webpage Sunshine's photos.

If anyone wants to voice their opinion, here's the shelter's information:
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Check out these sanctuaries in the North East US. Perhaps one is close enough for you to take him there.

Here is a web site for advertising disabled pets adoptions.
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Thanks for all your help and concerns, everyone. I got in touch with the manager from St. Hubert's and she agreed to let me drop Sunshine off today. She said it was a big misunderstanding. He's got a huge
cage placed next to a window. I still feel guilty putting him in there but I feel better knowing that he's in a good environment. And they believe they can find a good home for him. I'm still going to keep Sunshine's photos online until he gets adopted, so once again, here's the URL:
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Just wanted to let you all know that I stopped by St. Hubert's today to visit Sunshine and found out that he was adopted yesterday. I'll miss him, but I'm happy he finally has a home.
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That is WONDERFUL news!!!!

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That just made my day! Bravo on a job well done!
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That is wonderful news!! I'm so happy for Sunshine!! You've done wonderful things for this kitty, he really has you to thank for his wonderful new life.
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Thank you everyone! (sigh) Now if I could only find homes for the million other homeless cats, I'd break out the champagne.
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clawmarkz....I know what you mean...but it's like the starfish on the beach...if you only look at "how many" need will lose sight on the ONE you made a difference for.

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Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I'm so happy Sunshine has a home. He's a beautiful boy. Thanks for all you did with him.
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That is great news that he finaly got a home he needet .
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Clawmarkz, somehow I missed that the original shelter drop off didn't go through!!!!!!! But now that I am checking in - I'm already late for the wonderful news that he was adopted!!!!!!

I think breaking out the champagne is appropriate. You've already done such a wonderful, wonderful thing. Don't look at it as the millions left that don't have homes - look at it as one more cat that now has a home.

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Hi I haven't been on the forums in a long time and just read all the posts about Sunshine. Just had to say how happy I am that he was adopted. Bless you for taking care of such a wonderful and special kitty. I also wanted to let you know that has a long list of no-kill shelters and some are closer to you than St Huberts. There is Noah's Ark on 46 (near netcong circle)in Roxbury where I'm from.

Hugs and Purrs to you, Dorina
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