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Deb25 I know what you mean .
In germany many years ago I had a coworker pick me up for work one morning . There was a cat in the road walking agross and he started to speed up his car and said I hope I can hit this damn cat with my car . No need to say that I freak out . He ask me whats your problem I do that all the time , I hate cats and love to run them over . No need to say that this was my first and last trip with him to work . He did not hit the cat on that day , but I sure did not like him any more after that . He also was a dog person .
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That type of behavior completely pisses me off! At the apartment complex where I used to live, they had a strict policy against animals wandering loose. They set traps to catch them, and one of the security guards told me that a couple of the guards would drown cats they caught in the lake. I am so not in favor of cruelty to ANY animal! Why do some of these dog people feel it's acceptable to torture cats? You don't hear of cats people going out of their way to harm dogs.
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Deb25 you are so right with that . Hmmm I wonder why that is ? Why they don't give the cats at least to the animal control when they catch them ? I think some people are just a little sick in their head . But I know that not all dog lovers are like that . I know a few dog people and they never would do that to other animals . So maybe surtain (sp) people are just cruel and let it out on other animals .
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a couple of the guards would drown cats they caught in the lake. I am so not in favor of cruelty to ANY animal!
You should check the local laws, I would strongly suspect this is illegal and would generate a cruelty charge. While it may have been common to drown unwanted cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies in the past this practice is now considered animal cruelty in most of the US.

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Proving it would be the problem, George.
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For the most part, we had dogs when I was a kid. Dad's choice and we didn't have a lot of luck with cats.

I thought about a dog, but dogs can be a lot like some old girlfriends who'd call every 10 minutes to ask if I still loved them.

"I told you two months ago that I love you, and unless something changes, that still applies."

I do agree that some cat haters are pathalogical and really don't have a good reason for it. My guess is, a cat is an animal that you can't really control like you can a dog, although I've got mine able to walk on a leash better than some dogs can.

At shows, dog owners are a little more sociable and garralous when you ask them about their dogs, but a higher percentage of cat owners at the shows can be a little more snooty. I'm remembered of the Friskies show in Reston, Va. I was trying to ask a lady about the Scottish Fold and she never treated me like I had the $400 dollars she's asking for one of her cats and might have given it to her had she been a little nicer.

I adopted one from one of our local rescues instead. I paid $50.00 and after I bought my supplies, I gave the balance in the form of cat litter and food to the lady who cared for Zoey before I met her.

I HAVE noticed that the breeders can be aloof, but most of the rescue folks are more sociable and friendly.
I just can't abide folks that treat a cat as though they are nothing more than livestock.

I'm not a parent, but I think that cats have a more difficult time with smaller (or ill mannered) kids than dogs do.

Personally, I prefer the stoic charm, the physical grace and the quiet affection that only a cat can provide. Don't get me wrong, a dog is a fine animal, but for the life style my Wife and I have, cats are a better choice.
If I did have a dog, I'd have a Daushound-and name him "Viagra"
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If I did have a dog, I'd have a Daushound-and name him "Viagra
Uncle Fester you are so bad
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Quoting PurrfectCatlove:
Proving it would be the problem, George.
Unfortunately that is often the case, but at least there could be a complaint on file.

I've seen so many cases of cruelty where the person was never caught. I remember a puppy with "KKK" burned into one side and a swastika burned into the other. We guessed it was done with a hot metal bar, it was awful. Fortunately we were able to save the dog and, with some agressive medical care, get it to heal up. The hair grew in so you couldn't see the scars and a good home was found (vet student from NC State.)

Saddly I've also seen a number of good cases either plea bargained down to almost nothing or light sentences given by judges that don't seem to consider this type of crime serious. We had a case where a dog fighting ring was caught in the act by the sheriff. Sixteen people were arrested, including a man believed to be one of the biggest breeders of dogs for fighting in all the US. At the beginning there was lots of media attention and the local prosecutor announced he would handle the case personally and make sure everyone got the maximum penalty. After the media attention died down he passed the case on to a junior attorney and the case against many of the individuals were plead out. That prime individual was finally convicted (a felony here in NC!) He got 3 weekends in jail!!!! We had held the dogs involved for 18 months while the whole thing dragged on. Several of the dogs were absolutely viscous, others were unpredictable, but four females were very nice dogs. I was hoping to be able to save two of these through a wonderful rescue run by a friend of mine in another state. Saddly, she passed away less than a month before the close of the trial (she was only 45.) We ended up euthanizing all the dogs.

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It seems like it is typically men who don't like cats. I think the reason is that cats are oftentimes aloof. It doesn't matter if you've been gone 5 minutes or 5 hours, a dog goes bonkers when you walk in the door. That makes you feel special. It seems like cats hardly notice you are there.

There are also more people who are allergic to cats than who are allergic to dogs.

I'm guessing that some men talk about cats the way they do because they just don't understand them. Men also tend to be more sophomoric than women when expressing their opinions.

I haven't really experienced the kid-friendly stuff you are talking about.
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