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Dog Owners vs Cat Owners

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I'm a member of this forum and a very active dog forum also. It always strikes me that there are differences in the personality of the two animals owners. Please don't shoot me for this but i find the dog owners to be more child loving, more opinionated (particularly where their dogs are concerned)and if there is a problem they are more verbal and are likely to have it out...sometimes gettin very heated with child-like name calling and just generally more direct and bolshy. Cat lovers seem to be more on the supportive side with fellow cat lovers, and if there are differences in opinions then the matter is talked about in great length, without the childish name calling etc. I've also found them to be less child tolerant.
Here, where there is a problem with the dog and cat getting along the dog is expected to go, and there vice versa. The chosen animal is seen to be more 'important' than the other, if you kinda know what i mean...
As i said, this is my personal opinion, and is what i've found through experiences. However the differences could be due to the dog board being predominantly UK run, and this with more US members.

I'd be very interested in hearing what others have to say? And those of you with cats and dogs, what are your thoughts on the matter?
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What an interesting topic, I like it! Hmmmm, let me think. I have a good comparison reference, myself with cats and my friend, who has a dog. OK, my thoughts. Warning in advance, just my ramblings.

Child tolerant: it's hard to generalize about dog or cat parents being one way or the other. My friend nor I will ever have children (by choice), but both of us love kids, and babysit for our friends frequently. I do notice more TCS non-kid-liking posts, but maybe the ones that do like kids don't reply as much on that?

Also, I think cats are perceived as more picky and intolerant of kids' antics than dogs. Most cats (generalization), including mine, run from loud children, and wouldn't put up with any BS, while my friend's dog will tolerate ear-pulling and even horse-riding from kids. Hence a natural gravitation toward the pet that appeals to either the 'family' or 'non-kid' lifestyle?

Name-calling: I don't know what the rules are on your dog board, but TCS clamps down very hard on mean or name calling posts . It is reflective of the TCS mods' great job that even controversial, distasteful, (declaw, anyone?) topics are discussed civilly and 'adult-like'. Without the mods, I have no doubt, and have seen a couple instances, where things degenerate into childish name-calling. Strong opinions fall into this area too, but I will speak my mind if I feel strongly about something. So I couldn't attribute that to being a cat/dog parent or UK/US forums.

'Chosen' pets: I understand what you mean, but I haven't pondered this, so no opinions on this one.

I'm very interested in others' perspectives to this topic also, especially from those who have both dogs and cats.
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I'm in a good dog forum to. They are more active in signing petitions against any type of abuse to animals or children. They won't tolerate 'breed banning' (neither will I). They don't really care how you feel if they think your abusing your animal - they say sorry but thats their opinion. Nothing wrong with speaking your mind, right??
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I have one dog and three cats. Personally, I prefer cats to dogs on the whole, however, I do love big dogs like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, however, I live in an apartment, and can't have a large dog, so I have a Pomeranian.

I think there is a difference in people who prefer dogs and people who prefer cats. First of all, I think cat people are more independant and I think more confident, because they don't have the need for the type of blind devotion that one gets from a dog. The one thing that bothers me the most about my dog is his neediness. Don't get me wrong, I love my little Strutter, but he is so NEEDY.

I also feel, you have to earn your cats love, where as dogs will love you no matter how much attention you give them. It feel a lot more special to me that my cat Snoopy loves me so much, that he gave up his natural inclination towards independance to be my special little love muffin. My other two cats are more independant.
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Well I have Cats & Dogs so I can't really use myself as a comparason.

But having showed dogs & cat, and being on dog & cat forums I found a few differences.

Like the dog people I know aint as "big on" desexing as cat people.

Yes I would have to agree, Cat people can't stand little children and stuff at cat shows, god they make a lot of noise but there seems to heaps more children and stuff at dog shows.

Yeah Cool Topic, I don't really know much about it though LOL.
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I used to be a pure dog person, but I guess you can teach and old "dog" new tricks!
NO, I find that I'm not very child tolerant but that is due to the fact the most childrens parents don't discipline them right anymore. I have two for examples: they are my honeys cousins kids. They are satan spawn. Horrible thing to say but true. They come over and just destroy things and their parents are oblivious to the fact, I swear! one day the boy came over with his dad and since his dad was up on the roof, he went into our garage(door was opened because the shingles were in there) and spilled gas for our lawn mower all over the floor. the daughter is no different. We have exercise equipment in our house, she always wants to play on it even though she isn't big enough. they put her on my gazelle(that tony little gazelle) and she proceeds to jump on the feet holders, hit the cat towers with it, and generally be a pain in the ... My cats dont' run from Honeys brothers kids, or any others for that fact, but these kids, they do!
These kids will run after my cats and try to hit them with things, just because they think it's fun. there is where I blow my top! I haven't called their mom since that episode( close to a year ago I think) because I can't stand the thought of her bringing those demons here again! I've lost a good friend because of her lack of discipline. enough said??
Yes I agree the chosen pet is first in line, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the other pet is any less loved,IMO.
I love my cats, but if it happened that a dog came into my life, I'd love it as much as the cats, I guess it just depends on each persons overview of it..
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Very interesting topic

I also have 3 dogs and love them very much . But I do have to say that I don't much care for children and never wanted any children . But God thought different and so I have a son , he is 15 years old now . I also need to say that I enjoy him more now being older . I think not much wanting any children lay's back in my childhood , witch I am not going into . I always was more of a cat person then a dog person . My last rescue dog made me really a dog lover out of me . But then I have a friend and she is a dog person and don't much care about children . She don't have any children and is glad about that . But she also has some cats ,a little feral family , 1 persian and a 2 stray she rescued from abuse . She also love the cats , but she is more of a dog person . We both get along very well and help each other . I am with my cat knowlege and she with her dog knowlege . You can say that we even us out .
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I am moving this over to IMO as I add my $.02.

I am not sure about some of the generalizations you make, but one trend I notice more than any other is how, in general, cat people usually like dogs and many times own dogs.

You are more likely to find a dog person who is an adamant cat HATER! You all know the type. They hate cats for no real reason that they are able to say, but they do hate 'em. Run into one of these, and they will debate you to death on how their dog is a superior pet.

Personally, I like dogs almost as much as cats, but the amount of time you have to put in with a dog is more than I am willing to invest. The bathroom issue ALONE is the #1 convenience of owning a cat.
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I think there is a difference between the two. I personaly love cats, but I don't like dogs. I don't hate them, I just don't want or need them around me.
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See I agree to a point about the dog owners being more "family types, wanting kids more tolorent of children" but i've been a cat person all of my life and I have a 6 year old son who I love and adore, I've always loved kids been around them all my life since my family is so big...I have a 7 year old sister who I adore, and I have many many nieces and nephews..So I don't think cat people are not children people...I think that depends more on the person. Dogs are more tolerant of children so people with children tend to get dogs for there childs safety, but my sons always been around cats so he's been raised with them. So he has no problems knowing when they need there what i call "indepenant time" but cat people are very very outspoken we just have our own way of going about it without yelling and fighting like children..
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Perhaps I'm just weird, but I don't really see a difference between cat and dog people. At least on the forums I visit, both care deeply about their pets, their welfare and try to educate people to their proper care and often own both cats and dogs. And I don't see a difference regarding kids, or anything like that. But perhaps that is because I have both cats and dogs, and love them all- although if at some point I was absolutely forced to decide which, I'd go with dogs. Not perhaps the best thing to say at a cat forum!
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Originally posted by Deb25
but the amount of time you have to put in with a dog is more than I am willing to invest. The bathroom issue ALONE is the #1 convenience of owning a cat.
I hear ya there.

I like dogs as long as they are someone else's.I just don't want the responsibility of a dog.I like knowing that if I leave early in the morning and don't return till late at night(which rarely happens,but ya never know when it will)that I won't return home to find a nice smelly "present" waiting on me in the floor.
BTW.I do have a 3 year old son.
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I am 100% a cat person..... I'm scared of dogs (except the little yappy ones!) and would hate to have one in the house (unless it was a little yappy one!).
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One thing I don't like about dogs, is their need to always be underfoot. Don't get me wrong I love my dog with all my heart, but she never gives me the space my cats do afford me. She also is very jealous whenever we have cats in our lap and she will come over and bury her german shepherd head into my hip and push hard enough to bruise me. She gets plenty of attention, she just wants to be a lap dog as well. I find cat owners to be a lot more patient with their animals than dog owners are. IMO
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I get just as po'd, when the cats trip me as I do when the dogs do it.

The cats don't chew up things and the dogs don't claw the furniture; the cats don't warn me about people near the house; I don't have to license my cats; the cats can be left home, for a weekend; the dogs must be boarded or babysat; three cats don't generate as much poop as two dogs.

There are pros and cons, for both species but, I wouldn't want to do without any of them.
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When it comes to being family oriented (aka child tolerance) I think it is up to the individual like KymC said. My first pets were dogs, I was a dog person too and at that time (I was a kid) I did not like some neighborhood kids picking on my dogs. As I grew up I haven't forgotten so yes, I don't like children as much but it isn't because I am a cat owner.
I agree that cat owners are not loud and "bolshy" (that's so dog-like ) but like our pets, we watch, wait, zoom in on the prey when it thinks it is safe.
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Im a cat person,always have been but im not too much of
a dog person
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I am scared of dogs! The only few dogs I have known...One snapped at me, one bit my brother in the face and the other was a really sweet black lab.
I am afraid of them and when people say...don't let the see your fear or it will make them attack you...That makes it worse!

I am 100% cat person, so are my parents, my fiance, my fiance's parents, etc... No one I know personally have dogs. Most everyone I know have a cat or MANY cats I guess it runs in the "family"!

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Well, just to add my 2 cents. Not only am I a cat person (I have 3 at home) I love dogs, as well as bunnies, fish, birds, and children. If I had my way I would be living like Dr. Dolittle, but since I live in regular society...in a regular apartment in the city....I must be happy living with my 3 cats.(Alot of people think that's weird). I personally believe that cats are a little bit less dependant for there basic needs, ie; shelter..food..even sometimes love!! We had one of our cats walk out the door once and reappear exactly 2 weeks later as though nothing had happened. I'm not sure that I could say the same for any dog I've owned. Although when I was a child my dog jumped off the kitchen patio (2 stories up) because he wanted to come with me to school. One thing that I think is funny though is that alot of rentals in this city will not take you with a dog, but they will with cats. The only reason, I think, is the noise of a dog barking all day.....but obviously they have never heard a kitten in heat. I;m just lucky that I have a cat that acts like a dog...she enjoys fetching, chewing the furniture, and tennis balls!
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I love cats, dogs and children. I have a cat because of my very busy life. It would not be fair to have a dog, because I work all day at a business that is 15 miles from my home. I could not go home and let him out. Max is perfect for me. He greets me when I get home and is very lovey dovey. I get my dog fix from my sister (two Cocker Spaniels names Bella and Bart). I get my child fix from my Goddaughter, Halley. I'm all set.
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Hmmmm...I honestly love both, but do consider myself more of a cat person. I've never met a cat I didn't like, but I have seen plenty of dogs that were mean or obnoxious. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs very much, but it is definitely true they're much more high-maintenance, and underfoot.

On the other hand, I can take my dog out hiking with me and feel secure. When I'm home alone, I know no one would try to get into the house - they'd have to get through my dogs first. I can go outside & play catch with my retreiver mix, go out to the park & enjoy the day with her, and train her to do cute tricks. She's gentle and loving, and she absolutely adores the cats. Housebreaking a dog is pretty easy, and she learned it within a week or so (she was almost a year old when I adopted her).

But you can keep cats in a small apartment, and they are naturally clean, quiet (mostly), and make wonderfully loving and loyal companions. If you get delayed at work, you don't have to worry about coming home to a mess or a dog with a bladder infection from trying to hold it. A cat's natural grace is a wonder to behold. You have to earn a cat's trust - I think that's what makes cat people generally more patient and tolerant.

As for kids....
I like kids as long as they are reasonably well-behaved and treat animals with respect. I've just seen way to many who haven't been taught to treat animals with care - yanking tails & ears, kicking or hitting them, or trying to pick them up & throw them like they're stuffed animals. But if the parents teach the kids respect for animals from the start, kids & pets can have a very special bond.

Guess I have to say I love both cats & dogs, and would never want to have to choose.
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Just curious if any of you all have been to Maui in the last few years. I was there in November 2002, and they have a HUGE problem with stray cats. That is where you see some scarey cats. I have 3 cats and love them to death but I ran away from a heard of these scarey Maui kitties. It's too bad that they don't have a proper shelter over there because they certainly need it.
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Originally posted by JasmineCat
I'm a member of this forum and a very active dog forum also. It always strikes me that there are differences in the personality of the two animals owners.
Everyone's responses have been interesting to read, but I was hoping to hear if anyone thought there truly were differences in the owners' personalities as JasmineCat pointed out.

I like Hissy's observation that cat owners seem to be more patient than dog owners. That's interesting. I could agree with this. I wonder if that's because dogs are perceived to 'behave' more than cats, since cats don't 'obey' as readily and not as interested in 'pleasing' their owners?

As a cat parent, this is one of the things I love most about my cats. They are more independent, and I feel that when they listen to me, they 'made' the choice to do so. I will wait for them to 'make up' their minds.

On the other hand, my friend does seem to expect instant compliance from her dog, and is impatient with any deviation.

Again, ramblings, and I know full well generalizations, but IMO!
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No Superkitty, they aren't ramblings. I've been following this thread very closely since i started it, and i'm very interested in the responses.
I personally have always noticed big differences even when visiting breeders of cats and dogs. I've found that the dog breeders homes are more 'hectic' normally with kids running around, loud noises and generally a bit more 'commotion' than the cat breeders. I'm not saying thats a bad thing, to me thats homely as i was brought up in an environment like that.
The cat breeders homes are much quieter, with the breeders themselves being much more quietly spoken. But as someone pointed out it could just be the type of people who choose dogs are usually families due to greater suitability etc. However i have to say SOME of the cat breeders have had kids, although it did seem to be that those famils were still generally quieter.

I know these are massive generalisations, but i do spend alot of time lurking on message boards, and as a result i do get a feel for the type of people who frequent them.

Personally i love all animals, epecially dogs, and will hopefully have one of my own very soon. I do also absolutely adore children. However much i love my babies, I do sometimes find to be cats a bit too quiet? And almost wish they weren't so 'independent'.... he he, i do sometimes feel a bit used when im ignored all day only to be worlds most popular person everytime i walk in the kitchen!

Oh yeah, can i just add, even from the responses, i'm finding that it is the owners of both cats AND dogs which are proving to be more child tolerant than those who solely own cats. Though must say its just general observations......
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Maybe this is more a question of lifestyle (chosen or involuntary) than personality. I've had just dogs, just cats, or a combination of both. My husband and I are childless, but not by choice, and we cherish our nieces and nephews. As a teacher, I spend a great deal of my time with kids. Dogs are not as "easy-care" pets as cats, because they have to be let out or taken for walks at regular intervals, whereas cats can use a litterbox or be given constant access to the great outdoors. Dogs have to be bathed, and need regular grooming, including nail clipping. Cats manage those things themselves. A family with children can obviously share the "duties" involved with dog ownership more easily than a childless couple, where both are employed full time, or a person who is single. Dogs need guidance ("No, it's not okay to lift your leg on the couch or stick your nose in visitors' crotches"), whereas cats train their owners ("Breakfast is to be served at 6:00 a.m., or I'll wake up the neighbors, and all food is to be served in flat glass dishes"). To me, it's a question of work/school schedules and patience. I would love to have dogs at the moment, but our work schedules don't allow it, and I'd also like to have several cats, but JC won't tolerate other cats. A lot of people have mentioned dogs' "watchdog qualities" - despite all the dogs we've had, JC has been the only pet who made the local papers - 3 years ago he woke me up because he saw lights in an office building one street over in the middle of the night - he insisted that I get up and go out on the back balcony. When I saw flashlights in the building, I called the police. The headline was "Cat foils burglars".
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I wonder if it also depends on the board that you got to..

On the old Petsmart boards, which old posters there call the 'Acme' boards, there were some pretty good brawls now and then on the general cat board, although in truth, a lot of that would be between specific people, who would then be backed up by their 'supporters'.
I think this board is moderated in a much more firm and consistent way than the Acme boards were. The mods there usually did not respond to argumentative posts unless they really got out of hand.

Certain topics also started rather strong dicussions. If you were to bring up the topic of declawing, and to a lesser degree, allowing cats outside w/o supervision, you would provoke an intense attack. Even on the board that sort of became the successor to the Acme cat board, that type of debate still occurs. Someone opened up a non-cat related board for the group to talk about other topics, and that one quickly dropped to such a hostile level, that the mod took the board off line. The same thing happened with a board set up to discuss the war in Iraq.

I do think that cat owners, even if they have human children, see cats as 'children' more than pets. I have 5 cats, one of whom has problems with the other cats, and will not eat when she is afraid. I either have to segregate her in the bathroom to be fed, or have to be within her view for her to eat. She is also afraid of other people. I won't spend more than a night away from them, because that is as long as I will keep her alone in the bathroom. (I'm afraid that a sitter will accidently let her out of the bathroom, and not be able to retrieve her.)

Friends of mine that are dog owners alone don't understand why I won't travel for a week or two leaving them in the hands of a sitter.
In one case however, the couple will only go to places where they can take their one dog with them, not really an option with 5 cats! I have other friends who live in a very nice neighborhood in Virginia, who, when they go out of town, leave their dog outside in a dog run that has a doghouse, with a neighbor's boy coming over daily to feed him and play with him. I couldn't imagine doing that with any pet, for fear that someone would steal the pet or let him loose as a prank.(The dog is a small mixed breed, not one that a stranger would be afraid to approach.)

My other roommate from college, who has 2 cats but has never had a dog, is coming to NYC for Xmas. She lives on the west coast and while she teases me abt never visiting her, has visited me 3 times in the 5 years. (She has a trustworthy pet sitter,and a private home, and her cats are not neurotic and will play with the pet sitter and eat when my friend is out of town.) She understands why traveling is a problem for me.
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Even though I am more of a cat person , I do love all animals . I enjoy my dogs very much , my Toby the boston terrier is my baby and tread him just like my cats . I just resently got Klondike neuter and I sure missed him like I would miss one of my cats when they are not here with me . Klondike is the neighbourhood watch dog around here and I feel very save with him . I know exactly the way he barks if it is a human or a animal what is comming near the house . My next door neighbour had a dog and passed away a couple of years ago . When my hubby rescue Klondike to be put down in a shelter we offered that neighbour the dog . But his wife is so sick and waiting on a lung so we endet up keeping him . One day the neighbour said that he really don't need a dog since he already has a dog pointing at klondike . Me looking stupid explained , he watches everything including his yard . When he wants to pet a dog , he pets klondike and when he wants to feed one he will give klondike a tread and so on . Telling a long story here . What I want to say is that . In dogs you have differend qualities then in cats . Dogs are to watch and gard and the cats are to hunt and keep the pest away .So maybe there are 3 differend people . Those who only have cats , those who have dogs and those people who have diferend kind of animals . Btw , when I said I don't care much for children did not mean that I don't love them . I am just more of a adult person in that area I can deal better with then with children . But I also have notice that people with just dogs are usualy have more loud noices and movements in the house going on . I personaly like it more quiet , witch is not the case when my son is at home . He is a ADHD kid and make a lot of noices . But then my friend who is a dog person is a quiet person . Soooo hmmmmm ?????
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We have 5 dogs and 8 cats (plus rescued Mamma Cat and her three kittens, for which we're working on permanent homes.) All are indoors. The dogs range in size from 46 lbs to 110 lbs. I wouldn't trade any of them. Each is a unique individual with its own personality.

Even among "dog people" there are distinct groups. The most obvious to me are the "big dog" vs. "little dog" people - and in my experience these are often very different personalities.

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My parents are dog people - they have 5 of them: a 23-inch beagle, 2 Basset hounds, a Great Dane and a medium-size curb setter. My dad dotes on all of them. Blondie, the mutt, is Mom's constant companion. Although they have dogs, they love any kind of fuzzy. I guess that they like kids, too. Between them, they have six kids, 14 grandkids and at least 5 great-grandkids. Four of the grandkids live with them.

Over the years, I've had mostly cats. When I was single, working full-time and living in an apartment, cats were ideal pets. They don't need to be walked and they don't usually trash the house, when I'm gone.

As for small vs large: in the past 14 years, I've had two Dalmatians and one medium-sized mutt. The Dals were adopted, for their personalities and Pearl was a rescue. In years past, I had poodle-terrier mixes.

In general, I do not care for children. Most of the ones that I see are ill-mannered and badly behaved. I realize that this is their parents' fault but, I still don't want to put up with them. My nieces and nephews are now old enough to carry on intelligent conversations and I can take larger doses of them. My grandkids are adorable but I wouldn't want to have to deal with them full-time. I'm too old to deal with babies and there's no way that I'd have the energy to chase after two toddlers.

All in all, I'm happy with my fuzzy family, just the way that it is.
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I just do not see vehement dog hating people the way I see cat-hating people. Just last night, I was behind some redneck in traffic who had a bumper sticker that read, "I love cats....they taste like chicken.". Disgusting. Why do people who aren't cat people have to be so vocally nasty about it? I believe these are animal-abusing types, in general. It makes me sick.
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