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Feral in compost pile

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my one feral keeps getting into the neighbor's compost pile! YUCK! I can't ask this nice gentleman to stop composting, and I feed my cats well so any thoughts on what I can do? The bacterial load in this cat has got to be tremendous! I just wormed him yesterday. Don't tell me to keep him indoors, he is Feral with a captial F- it's Cyclone!
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MA - any clue how he composts? Is it just a big pile? Is it too large to ask him to just fence it in with chicken wire, a few supports and a plywood top or something? It makes a little extra work for him, but perhaps he'd be amenable?
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Maybe you can spray something around there to keep him away , I know it is a lot of spraying . What on earth is he wanting in there ?
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
What on earth is he wanting in there ?
I think that is a great question. Composting won't be of any meats or fats, usually we are talking egg shells and vegetable/fruit matter. Maybe there is something veggiewise that you could put out for Cyclone to keep him out of this compost pile? Heavens knows you have so much on your hands to be doing, but when you cook up veggies, cook up a few extra for him and try that? I know that some cats do like their vegetables and am sure there is a list on the net as to any, if any, that are not good for them (besides onions and garlic).
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I've got a compost pile that the cats mostly ignore, but only keep vegetable matter in it (no eggs, no meat, no bread). We used to put moldy bread in it but that would attract the cats. When the neighborhood dogs raid it, we throw dirt on it and turn it.

I would find out what he puts in the pile - if he is adding any meat type products (even breads), there are internet sites that tell you the errors in doing things like that (educate him). Perhaps offer to cover and turn it for him if he isn't doing it often enough.

Just my thoughts....
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Well I went over this morning and really looked at it I saw eggshells and what looked like turkey grease? At least that's what it looked like. The other stuff I saw in there was green- so I told the farmer "how about throwing some nice horse manure on top of all that?" and he agreed! Now it is a manure/compost pile that I don't think Cyclone will even bother with!
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Ahhhh good , hopefully he will stay away now from there .
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Go to this site:


and try the SHAKE-AWAY Domestic Cats - it's Coyote/Fox Urine Powder
It is non-toxic and safe for use around children, pets, plants and the environment. Pour it around the composte pile - All it does is create a fear barrier.

Good Luck!
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You have gotten a lot of good advice Mary Anne but I can still wish you lots of luck!
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I sure hope that works! Otherwise, he'll be smelling even "prettier" than ever!
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Has it worked? Or is he still bringing compost home for your garden?
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