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Thursday Daily Thread

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What? No daily thread yet? Well I'll just have to fix that!

Went to a little holiday party last night. It was fun. Got to see some of my neighbors I haven't seen for awhile.

I got called Tuesday afternoon for a phone interview for that government job I applied for. I really want that job bad. It's exactly what I was doing before and the pay scale is a little higher. Hope they call me back for a regular interview! How about throwing some of those vibes and all that board magic my way folks?
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Tons of positive vibes going your way Tammie!

Hubby has no school because its a snow day so hes home with me. Went and got the groceries.

Its a quiet day for me here.
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Tamme, I hope you get the job!

I'm having a quiet day at work. I was in a meeting for most of the morning. This afternoon I will have to play catch up. My first holiday party in next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.
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Tamme - good luck flying your way!

I have some time here today between the interviews we are conducting. Currently the some of the candidates are writing a test. The interview portion will start soon. I am so tired. We had orientations all Monday and Tuesday and started interviewing yesterday. I have full days of interview yesterday, today, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully we will make our decison by the end of next week. Then I can worry about setting up the training for the beginning of January.

Went Christmas shopping last night. I realized I have 23 people to buy for. I only have 8 people left but they are the most difficult. I want to get my MIL clothes as she has nothing that fits her any longer (at 84 pounds). Problem is that petite size 1-2 is even too big so I am thinking girls size 14, but I am unsure if the rise will be ok for pants. I have no clue what to get my grandmothers. They are always difficult. One lives in a care facility and the other with my parents so both don't have much space to call their own. Maybe I will get them tops (again).

Hope everyone has a good day!
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were getting more snow tonight...5-7 inches!!
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Snow - ICK!
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Lots of luck your way Tammie. I hope you get the job.

Ah. School holidays, Yay eight weeks!

I woke up this morning to find the kitten my friend had nicknamed "McMighty" dead.. Poor wee soul.

My friends coming around today to look at my kittens and tonight I'm going into good old wellington city for the "Carols by candlelight" .. Kellye if you're out there reading it's being held at the new staduim nicknamed the "cake tin"

So I should have a lotta fun! Have a good day all........
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Not doing anything to exciting as of yet. Just sitting here eating doughnuts ad drinking coffee.(and of course playing on the cat site!LOL!) I do so love Krispy Kreme doughnuts! especially the glazed!(YUM!) they seem to melt in your mouth! but darnit all they are so fattening, so they are a rare treat!
I hope you get the job Tammie! Lots of vibes coming your way!!!!
Ady, good luck with all your interviews! I hope you get some good workers!
chelle.....I heard that naughty s word! do I need to waashout your mouth with soap! LOL! I really HATE snow! I can't wait until winter is over already and we haven't had any yet!
Sam, eight weeks! yikes! what will you do with all that time off??
I wish I got eight weeks in a row off, of course then I'd never go back to work! LMBO! On a serious note, I'm sorry about your kitten.
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Originally posted by jugen

Sam, eight weeks! yikes! what will you do with all that time off??
I wish I got eight weeks in a row off, of course then I'd never go back to work! LMBO! On a serious note, I'm sorry about your kitten.
Hi Barb. For one of the weeks I'm going camping five hours away from home and for another one of the weeks(Maybe two) I'm going to stay with my dad. and the rest will probably be spent home with my pets and hanging at the beach with my friends.

Thanks about little mighty boy.
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Geez, I wish I could go to the beach now but I'd look like a beached whale and someone would keep trying to throw me back into the ocean! LOL! Plus it'd be so darn COLD!!!!!
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Originally posted by jugen
Geez, I wish I could go to the beach now but I'd look like a beached whale and someone would keep trying to throw me back into the ocean! LOL! Plus it'd be so darn COLD!!!!!
LOL! You crack me up!

Ah summer here.... and I'm already looking tanned!
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summer in Dec!? Boy would that be ideal! of course summer all year round wouldn't hurt my feeling in the least. I don't mind rain I just hate snow. If it stayed 70 degrees all year, I'd be peachy!
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It snowed here yesterday but is almost melted already!

Work, work, and more work here. In my spare time (tonight), we are doing the final cleaning, painting and moving into the new, much larger adoption clinic (woohoo)! We have to move all the cages, tables, literature, etc from one building to another tonight. I feel like I'm somebody now - they gave me a key to the building Tuesday night.

I'm getting exhausted by all of this! I sneak in here when I have a few minutes to spare.....
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Tamme-GOOD LUCK SWEETIE! I really hope you get your new job just in time for Christmas so you can finally relax!! My hubby went through it last Christmas, and was stressed the whole month of December. Luckily, he was offered his job on New Year's Eve! Boy, what a great way to end the year. And, we had a bet too--if he got that job--I could get a cat. Guess what?! I am here today because of that...hehe...I got my Mittens!! I wish you all the LUCK in the world!! (((HUGS)))

My day has been so stress-free! I finished my Psychology last night and my average is a C. I am happy with that with all the problems that I had! I have a review tonight for Geology and my final is on Saturday. Need vibes and prayers for that , please?!? I am taking it real easy now that I have school almost out of the way. I am getting ready for my sisters to come over, but if Zack has fever in the morning, I don't think it would be a good idea to have them over. He came down with something on Tuesday night and I am starting to get worried about him. My poor sweetie. Please send prayers for him to hurry and get better.

Sam--Sweetie, so sorry to hear about the poor kitty. He is in KittyHeaven now!
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Tammie - Good luck with the job!!!

I am glad this week is almost over - I am feeling MUCH better after getting on the antibiotics, but am still pretty tired after a day of work. And I haven't even started decorating for the holidays or shopping yet, since I've been so sick. My MIL and SIL will be here to visit the weekend before Christmas, so I have to have things done before then. Well, I have 2 weekends, that should be plenty of time to get everything done.

Tonight I'm going to try to get the tree up, actually cook something for dinner (been eating a lot of canned soup lately), and watch Friends & Scrubs. Not too exciting, but that's OK. Gotta rest up to hit the stores on Saturday!

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Work was the same old, same old.

When I got home tonight, I got a surpise - Buddy has found his voice! After all of these months, of a tiny squeak coming out of this BIG cat, he began yowling and carrying on. The "problem" was that the food bowl was empty (I filled it this morning). Bill could hear Buddy, from the next room, with the TV on - THAT'S how loud Buddy was. Heretofore, Buddy's purr has been the loudest thing about him.
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Tamme - I hope you´ll get the job! I´ll cross my fingers for you!

Sam - I´m so sorry about your kitten!

We used to have 3,5 month summer holyday, but the school year had gotten 2 weeks longer, so it´s 3 months now. That gives shcoolchildren plenty of time for summerjobs, as pretty much all them have.

Candie - good wibes coming your way!

Suzy - I´m glad you are doing better!

I had such a bad day!
I went to have a haircut and colour and highlights, and I am in such a shock!!!
After having had medium long hair for years, I now finally had long hair, and after having straight hair (allmost anyway) forever, I started gaining curls after my son was born, and they just keep on curling, and I love it, so now I had long, kinda curly, or very wavy hair.
Last time I had a haircut, it was so nice and well done, with a beautyful colour, except I would want it a bit darker.
So now I go in, somebody else cut my hair, convinced me of some colour thing a agreed to, since I thought it would be cheeper, it came out very bad, was more expenisive, and she cut my hair so short I could just cry! I´m gonna go back and ask for some more highlights to try to change the colour, but sadly I cant get my long hair back!

...and my glassed were not ready today, as they should have been, Oliver has a fever and is feeling cranky with his cold, we didn´t manage to buy his Christmas chlothes today, and we have that photoshoot tomorrow - with a sick cranky child that has not best clothes, and an ugly looking mum! I am not going!
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