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How good is raw meat?

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Only one of my three girls will eat raw meat. The others don't like it or maybe they don't want to try it. Do cats need raw meat in their diet?
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yayi- cats are carnivores, that is how God made them. But their raw meat consists of living breathing creatures that they kill, not ones killed by man, processed, frozen and stored. If you set 3 mice (live) in a room then chances are good all your cats would take off after them like a shot, and kill them and eat them. The other day, Squirrel brought a field mouse in the house and it got away before Mike and I could even intervene and save it. Now, it has taken up refuge in our woodpile in the living room (we have a fireplace) and periodically we will come in and find most of the cats crounched by the wood listening and stalking this poor mouse. So far the mouse is winning. Mike and I have taken apart the woodpile four times looking for this creature to make sure it is okay and put it back outside, but it always runs away- the sucker is quick! But it must always return because the cats will come back later in the day and take up vigil again.

So if your cats are not eating the raw meat, it is more than likely because it is not the raw meat they are accustomed to.They eat what they kill (usually) it is only when we kill it first that they might not eat it.

There are many cat owners who only feed raw meat to their cats and swear by it. But from what I understand, you have to be really committed to providing a raw meat diet for your cat- and making sure the vitamins and nutrients are also included- some people even grind up bone and feed bone powder to their cats. So it is all a matter of doing the right research, talking to your vet or just taking a can of processed cat food and opening that for your cats instead!
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Amber gets mostly an all raw meat diet, but she has taken to eating my other kitties dry Eukanuba as well. My Pixie Bobs get supplemented with raw turkey, they just love it. Amber's diet does not consist of just one type of meat. We mix in liver, cooked egg yolk, cooked rice and or oatmeal(not cooked), bone meal for calcium, cooking oil for extra fat and I also add a vitamin supplement called "The Missing Link". This is the recipe that was sent to me with Amber when we got her.
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