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pls stop the milk

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Hi there, I'm going to try this site in hopes to get some help...I had a female cat 1.5yrs old and i brought home a kitten about 2mos old.. He started to nurse off my female and now i cant get them apart... how can i stop this mothering? and now the female has figured out how to release her self when we seperate the 2 of them..

pls help
full of milk
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I rather doubt that your 1.5-year-old is producing milk. Why not just let this behavior run its course? The kitten is being reassured - after all, it has been separated from its mother and littermates, and is probably experiencing some anxiety, - and your older cat is showing acceptance of the kitten. In a couple of weeks, your female cat will "wean" the kitten. I really don't think that this behavior has to be viewed as a problem. If your female cat experiences discomfort, she will simply refuse to allow the kitten to "nurse". The cats can work this out themselves. I've seen this a couple of times (kitten trying to nurse off of a female dog, puppy trying to make a female cat his "wet nurse".) The only time we had trouble was when a puppy mistook an adult male dog's penis for a "teat"!
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If the 2 month old kitten was separated from his mom too early, this weaning behavior could continue for quite some time. If his weaning on the older one doesn't bother her, why try to separate them? I think it could tighten the bond between them in the long run.

By the way, continued suckling by the kitten can cause the older cat to start giving milk, even if she hasn't had kittens. I have seen this happen in both male and female cats.

I'm confused why you want them separated?
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Originally posted by Momofmany

I'm confused why you want them separated?

hi there. Well the kitten is now 5months old. The female(mother) is very controlling of the kitten. When we separated them(different rooms for 4 days) Samsinite(kitten) was very friendly and affectionate with people. Azreal(mother) is very stressed and its driving me nuts with her constant chirping for her baby..All the time. lol but dont get me wrong, I thought it was sweet of Azreal to care for the new commer.
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What do you mean by controlling? Does Azreal hiss or growl at Samsinite to prevent him from doing things? Does she swat at him? Does she insist that she be fed first? Is there an area in the house that Azreal doesn't want Samsinite to be?

If the two cats are happy and want to spend time with each other, there's really no harm to let them be. They will be able to tell each other when they want to be apart.
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