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Landlord Only Allows One Pet-hee hee!

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Ok, so I just move from one rental house to a new one with Steven and my 5 kitties!
The rental agen asked me, "do you have any pets?"
I say, "yes, one 5lb. cat"
She says, "is she declawed?"
I am like, "no, she is trained well and has a great cat tree so she does not scratch anything."

Well, the owner of the house calls today and wants to come by and say hello and check on the mailbox painting that is required by the homeowners association. I say, sure come on by. He says ok I will be there in 30 minutes!!

So.... I grab 3 cats, lock them in one bedroom. Go in Peaches' room, put her in the closet in case he wants to look in her bedroom. I let Berkley stay out in the living room since she is the smallest of the cats and looks like the less "trouble-maker" of the bunch.

I take up all but one of the litter boxes, since one little cat is only supposed to use one. I take up all but one of the food bowls and water bowls.

I pick up all of the cat hair off of the carpet that does not "match" Berkley-LOL!!!

Ok I am ready! Its tough work pretending to only have 1 cat when 5 are lurking in the house

All went well and Berkley did a good job "behaving" while the owner was in the living room No cats even scratched at the bedroom door to get out while he was here. Peaches did manage to get the closet door open. Good thing he didn't want to go into her bedroom

Just thought I would share! What a hectic hour!!!!!!!
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hee hee hee, if i was a landlord I would rather have the person have five cats then two kids! Kids can do ALOT more damange them a kitty
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LOL! It sure was a hectic hour!!
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I hope you gave them extra treats or at least bonus points for behaving!

I had a super once who said there was a 2 pet limit, 10 pounds each. He said, whould you like to meet my two pet limit? So he opens the door, wistles as says "Come here boys". In comes in a full grown sheep dog, and a pup sheep dog after the first. He said, "That's my 20 pounds" and smiled. I said "yeah, of hair!" - so I knew this was the place I was going to stay with my three cats.... two siamese, the look the same to the untrained eye, and a stray I had picked up. Worked well.
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
hee hee hee, if i was a landlord I would rather have the person have five cats then two kids! Kids can do ALOT more damange them a kitty
I rent out an apartment to a mother and her teenage son. They have 2 dogs and 6 birds. The next door apartment is rented by a family of 5 (3 children) and if you compare them, the 1st one looks newly built while the other one seems to have been hit by a tornado.

CocoMaui, I think next time I go inspecting, I will make sure to look EVERYWHERE!
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Yeah, it's true about cats vs kids. We live in a side-by-side duplex -- Rob and me and our three cats. On the other side, is a family with three boys. 18 months ago, our landlord put the property on the market, and we spent the next six months dealing with real estate agents, prospective buyers, building inspectors, you name it. Whenever the property was being shown, the agent wanted to show OUR side, and just tell the prospective buyer that the other side was mirror image. She told me that in so many words, and said that the other side is a nightmare -- that despite the fact that it has been renovated very much more recently than ours. They're perfectly nice kids, but they're KIDS.
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Oh. Glad you got through that okay!

We aaren't allowed as many pets as we have here also, our landlord comes once every three months and when that time comes we take a few off to nanas for the day!LOL
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My landlord made me get a cat. Then he was thrilled when I got the second. He thought that the first cat would need company. As long as I have cats, then he doesn't have to hear the complaints about problems with mice.

Now he is working on me to try and make me get a dog.
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That's too funny about hiding your cats!! I'm suprised there wasn't any meowing etc! Zero wouldn't put up with that for two minutes!!!

Maybe you should break it to him eventually... does he/she come by often?

And about kids vs cats... well I'm so glad that we have Zero and not a kid! All he does is leave a little hair here and there. His bathroom used to stink before I changed litters, but he does leave a little too much litter all over the place... geez Zero! And this IS with one of those things that goes up and over so he's not supposed to be able to flick it around!
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We let our renter have a cat and now we have to (when he moves out or we kick him out, slob!) tear out all the carpet, wash down all the walls, clean the floors and get new carpet. he has put off getting his cat spayed, let's it outside supervised sometimes. well, to make a long story short, withour 4 cats, his cat has decided to mark his teritory and has sprayed his house up so badly that you can smell it even with all the doors and windows closed!YUCK! I've even commented on the smell and he just sort of laughs it off. I am not exagerating either! I wanted to take his cat and get it spayed and make him pay by tacking it on his rent.(but that's not legal) mind you he is a friend and I've finally convinced him to do it but I think is might be to late and the damage is done.
You might want to let your landlord know over a period of time that you have more cats. it might be expensive but it's better then him/her finding out on their own.
FYI: when he goes,I will still let the next person have a cat, providing they sign an agreement to have it spayed/neutered asap.
I just hope that the smell comes out of there when he goes..I mean it could gag you seriously, I can't go into his house anymore because of it. I dont' know how his other friends do it.
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My landlord is a new landlord for me so I am not sure how often he will want to come by. Hopefully he will call first every time.

I don't really feel bad for decieving him about the number of cats that I have since I keep the house fairly clean and my cats do not scratch carpets or miss the litter box. There is really no difference in having one cat and having 5 cats, the wear and tear on the place seems to be about the same except for the fact that I have to vacuum the carpet 5 times as much

I mentioned before that I kept Berkley out with me. That is a good thing, since she is the meower and door scratche of the bunch. If I shut her in a room so goes nuts trying to get out. She is so spoiled that she has to be wherever and whenever I am in the house, garage, etc... I just love her! She is such a little spoiled snuggle bug! A pain in the "you know what" sometimes though, trying to get out the door everytime I go outside
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Originally posted by Princess Purr
hee hee hee, if i was a landlord I would rather have the person have five cats then two kids! Kids can do ALOT more damange them a kitty

Ginger nice work. I would be so scared though!!
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Haha. That is something I would do!!! My landlord knew when I moved there was I getting a kitten. They were ok with that. The ad said no pets becasue they didn't want anyone coming by with large dogs or anything like that. My friend lived there before me and she had 2 cats. Next place I get (hopefully by the summer) better allow pets. I want to get another kitten and perhaps a puppy.
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