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Cat poll: How many cats do you have?

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Please take my poll. It is just to find out how many cats most people have. Thanks!
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My response to this poll wasn't accurate because I have 2 cats, Cagney and LilyBelle (Lily), so I answered 1-2, but Cagney is pregnant so Lord knows how many I actually have!:laughing2:

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Oh sigh..... I ticked the box for 5-6 but I wish I could've ticked the one for 13+ !! Oh yes please!! Not so long ago I could've ticked for seven, but two are my little :angel2: :angel2: now.

Good survey, Ill be interested to see the results!

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If I adopt some more today can I take the poll again (not planning on it but you never know)

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I now have two beautiful babies, but it I had room for more I would have a couple more.

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Yes, Nancy, (Or anyone) You can vote again if you get more cats. (It's fine with me)I just don't know if it would work. :confused3
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I have 15 cats,(10 adult cats and 3 young cats, {about 3 months} and 2 1-week old babies I am bottle feeding)
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I have only one but oh how I wish I had at least 10......
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No new cats for me, but emailed my sis w/TCS address to join and add her 3 (or 5) if she includes BB Bird and Hula-girl dog (who thinks they're cats).

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Me and my roomate both have 1 cat each, my cat's name is Patches and my roomates kitten's name is Tiger, because of her being both black and white mixed
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Hi, I haven't been to this site in quite a while. This is a good survey. We have 11 inside cats, 4 garage cats (with their own cat run attached to the garage) and 4 more strays that we put food and water out for.
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Sandra - do I see a new paw in here?????????

Welcome to TCS.
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Thanks Deb, I'm beginning to like this site
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Sandra - you will really enjoy it here - great learing and lots of fun go on in this cat zoo!
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Hey Sandra!! Nice to meet you!! If you want a real hearty "Cat Site Welcome" start a new thread here in the Cat lounge and introduce yourself!! I guarantee you'll get lots of responses!!

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HI kittylove2001,

We nearly have the same name , my mum thought of the name because way back in the 70s my mum liked Donny Osmond , and he sang a song called puppy love, so she thought kittylove would be nice.Am i allowed to say puppy on this forum

Ihave Felix my black,beautiful cat, I wish I could have more cats, that would be

from Jenna and Felix
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Great poll except.....

I would have liked to know how many had more than one cat. How many have 2, how many have 3. Then perhaps 4-5, 6-7 etc.

Still don't have any idea how many one cat homes there are.

Sorry if I sound critical. (Those who can't do...teach?) Okay, so next time start my own poll or shut my mouth! Got it. See, you didn't have to say a thing.

Anyway, what a great idea for a poll!!
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I have twenty-five - you need another column!
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I have 4 cats.
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Hey Rene, heres an idea, if you give me 15 of your cats then you can vote in one of the columns already there!!! Good idea eh?? I thought so.....:laughing:

Just let me know.......
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Two cats presently share my home with me. However, there's an out-of-doors cat who comes by to say "Meow" every day; and I've been leaving some food out, which means those visits will not dwindle. But, I've really just two cats-in-residence.

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We have 5 Fluffy, Cinnamon, Tigger, Gizmo and Scooter!
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Welcome Sandra!!!! And Kittylove....I used to adore Donny Osmond, back in the 70's, I sure do remember Puppy Love!!!
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