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How to deal with an over- dependant cat

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Hello all!
Dumbo is a 4 years old living in our home - one of our 16 altered indoor-only cats.He was left at our doorstep with 5 other siblings when his eyes were still to open - and was bottle fed . About 6 months ago we experienced an inter-cat agression period - the major players being Dumbo, Frederika(10yrsold),and Mordechai (11 yrs old and the elder of the tribe).Additionally - Frederika peed all over the place when arroused.After eliminating the possibility of medical causes - and consulting with a local feline behaviorist, the problems were mostly resolved: we added litter boxes and dispersed them throughout the house; we engaged the cats in interactive play sessions; we added shelf and perching space; we plugged in a Feliway Comfort Zone that we've been replacing to date. A month ago I began finding urine on the kitchen counter, by the dry food bowls, and in the general area of the kitchen within the open plan living area of the house. This area is heavily frequented by all cats. Since Fluorescein Capsules are not in common use in Israel - and no cat was exhibiting behavior related to FLTUD - only luck prompted the discovery of the "culprit" -it was Dumbo.We've since been to the vet and Dumbo was found to be in good health - and clear of FUS. So - here we go again!. Behavior modification. I believe that Dumbo's increasing emotional dependence in me may be related to this bout of "pee and hiss" - he's also become less tolerant of other cats and there's the ocassional flareup of hostilities with Freserica and Mordechai; lately also Pelusa(10.5 yrs old male) joined the hissers - but Dumbo will not be the pariah -and he will step up to - say - Frederica and meaws at her till she hisses and attacks him... then he promptly runs to me and meaws some more... he will not tollerate any other cat to share my bed with him - and will claw at them till they leave or I interfere. Sometimes I get scratched as well in passing...
I see the post is a bit long - sorry. Any suggestions, please - for the fighting , the clinginess, the peeing? Thanks in advance,Lazy
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Lazy have you considered any of the Bach Flower remedies? Walnut or Beech would be two essences I would look into. a few drops on Dumbo's tongue daily and peace will reign soon.
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Hissy thanks! I have not. Will see if I can buy some and give to Dumbo. Is there a good site or book you recomend to learn which essences apply and in what dose - for later use and reference - with so many cats I'll probably benefit from the knowledge. Thanks again - I'll write and tell you how it worked.Lazy.
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Lazy you can read about them here- what they are and what they do, and what they help-


And you can order them here- or do a search on the Internet for another location and find the best prices-


There is one company that was having a great sale on all their essences- but at the moment I can't recall who that was. I remember posting about it awhile back on here, but the sale may be over.

Best of luck!
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