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Hissy - Feeding raw chicken wings

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Hi Hissy,
In another thread you mentioned that you occassionally feed raw chicken wings. I would like to offer some to my ferals (and Snowball) and just wanted to check with you to make sure I make the proper precautions. Any special preparation needed? Are the ones you can buy at the grocery store ok? Thanks.
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I just use regular chicken wings, rinse them off and put them on the feeder. I have never had a problem, but if you are concerned, just ask your vet. It's the cooked ones that cause problems because the bones are brittle and break off.
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Thanks Hissy. I know some ferals that will be eating good tonight...
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I know cats can tolerate raw foods better then we, but is Salmonella not a concern?
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Information found at Amazing Tails

Salmonella in Cats

Salmonella is a bacteria that may cause food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, or diseases of the genital tract. Raw flesh, especially poultry, can become contaminated on its surfaces with salmonella in the course of its finding its way to the butcher's shelf. People are warned to cook meat to a particular internal temperature because that will kill any salmonella that may be present. Cooking as a form of disease prevention is not a good thing for cats, so you should adopt other practices.

First, the complete elimination of salmonella and other bacteria on raw food is not always necessary--a healthy animal can digest a small amount without getting sick. Second, the incidence of salmonella infections in cats may be negligible; Dr. Pitcairn reports that he saw no problem in 17 years of advocating raw foods. Do be particular about the quality of the meat you buy and the cleanliness of your butcher's work areas. Do disinfect all food preparation surfaces with something like bleach. Do not leave raw meat out of the refrigerator any longer than necessary to serve it. Some people mix 4 drops grapefruit seed extract (a local brand is Nutribiotic) diluted in 6-8 ounces of water with raw meat as a disinfectant; others use one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in place of the grapefruit seed extract. However, I rely on freezing to kill salmonella, and I thaw frozen meat in the refrigerator.
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I have always used fresh wings not frozen, and you have to remember most of my cats were used to getting their food out of garbage dumpsters before landing here. I don't know as I would advocate raw chicken wings to just any cats, but ferals are a bit different their systems as to what they can overcome. They are survivors. But out of all the ones who gnaw on the raw bones their teeth are in great shape!
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