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My 4 year old cat peed on my bed Thursday night and it was a large pee. Friday afternoon I took her to the vet thinking she had a uti. No uti but they did see a lot of crystals in her urine. I purchased one of their prescription foods that they recommended and am in the process of switching her over. She is eating normally and drinking normally (she's always been a big drinker). So about 6am this morning she used the box and did a handful sized pee (no apparent problem going), then got on my bed and started digging like she was going to pee again so I put her in her box and she squatted and did a drop or two. Then she came out and went back to the box again a few minutes later (I think for a poo). I checked her box this afternoon (about 230pm) and there was the one poo but no pees. I know cats going two to four times a day is normal and that the food needs time to work. She is acting normal friendly excited when I get home doesn't seem uncomfortable. I just was wondering how long I should give the food to work and should I be more worried that she hasn't gone since 6am? The vet said a lot of pets in this area (dogs and cats) were coming in to be tested for utis. When I was there there were 2 other urinalysis going as well as mine and two more came in while I was there. They said it was weird that that many were coming in. Mom said it could possibly be food but wouldn't our other cats who were on the exact same food have similar symptoms?? Especially our one male who had a really bad uti last fall? Maybe I'm just overthinking things. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
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With that behavior, I'd get a second opinion as something is definitely not right.  Make sure they do a urine culture, too, not just the regular urinalysis.

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Thank you for the reply, she did pee about 330pm and it was a normal amount (about a fist sized clump of litter). She is eating and drinking normally. Even though we have other cats I have her in my bedroom by herself in order to keep track of how much she's eating, drinking, and using the box. She is used to being locked in my room with her box, food etc overnight so this isn't a huge change for her. I don't normally keep track of how many times a day she goes and I'm currently scooping her box every time I see her go or when I get home from work to keep track of the size of her pees and how often she's going. She behaving normally (excited to see me when I get home, excited to see the dog, purring, playful).
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