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Plans for christmas?

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I can't remember seeing any threads on Plans for christmas so I thought I'd start one.

For christmas I'm going to be spending the morning at home with my Mum & pets and then for lunch & dinner I'm going to be spending it with my dads family.

What's your plans?
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At this point, I think we will be at my mother-in-law's house for Christmas Eve, my mother's for Christmas day and the Friday after, then we're celebrating Christmas at my dad's house the Saturday after. Last year we stayed home and had Christmas in our own house - it was so nice not to spend the whole time running. But it will be nice to be able to see so much of our family for the holidays this year.
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We have christmas on the 24 of december in the evening and we get to spent it at home like always . I like that btw. On the next day I will cook a big meal and we have a lazy day after that meal . I think we needet , I think we will be stuffed like on Thanksgiving day and wont be able to move again
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I'll be somewhere in the Chicago area with some member(s) of Earl's family. No idea what we're doing beyond that. I'm really going to miss doing Christmas on Christmas Eve. (My family is pure German back through at least 5-7 generations, so we keep with that German tradition like Hedi does. )
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we will do the family thing, go to my familys on Christmas Eve. and then be home here at my house with the 2 boys Christmas Mor. then go to his familys for Dinner later,,, i love the family thing and being together...
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My parents, Mark, Sam and the twins are coming to our house, Christmas Day. I'm not cooking, though. We're getting meat, cheese and veggie trays and I have two shrimp rings in the freezer. My dad is bringing pumpkin pie and ice cream. I'm going to get a Chocolate Decadence cake and Belgian cookies. This should keep everybody happy.
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I'm probably working on xmas eve until 8 then off to honeys parents with his moms parents also, then nothing but relaxing( I think) then xmas day we are going to be with his dad's side of the family. All of my family is scattered in the US so we don't usually spend xmas with any of them. oh well that's what they invented email and phones for!
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Right now I have no clue. It's between:

a) Going to New Mexico to visit my brother (he just moved there)
b) Going to Denver to see our dear friends (and Muddy/Koko's siblings Jake and Elwood)
c) Staying close to home and having an "orphan" Christmas with local friends.
d) Finding a cheap getaway to the Caribbean and spend Christmas lounging on a beach drinking rum drinks.

Any votes?
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I'll be at home with Dad. Christmas morning is opening presents with me, Dad, my brother Jonathan, my sis-in-law Jane and whoever else comes along (Jane's mom, her sister and nephews). We have a big breakfast-eggs, sausage, toast, applesauce, etc. Then, we usually watch The Christmas Story or whatever videos/DVDs we get as presents. Next, we go to Christmas Mass. Dinner is at Jane's mother's house with Jane's family and my family. Finally, Dad and I go home and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree.
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our plans are up in the air right now
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Momofmany I vote for : D
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I'm spending Christmas with my mom, dad, brother, sister, little brother, my baby, the kitties and the dog!
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I pretty much have the same plans I do every year. We'll do Christmas morning presents at my house. My mom will come over along with my sister and her fiance, all all of us, along with my grandpa will exchange presents. Then I go to my aunt's house to have Christmas dinner and hang out with that family for the day. I also visit with my aunt's daughter and her family who come in either right after Christmas or for New Years. Unfortunately, they do Christmas Day at their own house (Santa has to be able to find the kids ) and then they alternate between visiting with us and her husband's family.
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No definite plans yet. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping!
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Thanks to everyone for sharing their plans. It sounds as though everyone is going to be having a lovely holiday.

"Christmas Eve" this year will be spent for me at Nanas I always help out with food preperation, but there's a twist to christmas eve this year, nana has a cat due to have kittens this should be interesting.

And on "Boxing Day" I'm going to spend it packing and preparing to go camping with my friend for a whole week, her name is Lisa and we are going on the 27th!
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We're mostly staying at home, it's our first Christmas in our new home and with Jeepers, but I'll have to visit my Dad and Axl(My other cat who stayed with my Dad when I moved cos Axl loves my Dad best!) and My Mum and Cobweb and Bandit(Her 2 black kitties, one long haired one short). Then we're off to my mother in laws house for dinner and to visit Jester (Her HUGE black and white kitty). I see Axl a lot and every time he gets bigger and bigger. We've had him 10 years and he's always been really skinny,the vet says he can find nothing wrong, then all of a sudden he's finally started to gain a bit of weight, I think it must be because he doesn't go out anymore.
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I'll be working both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, both Graveyard Shift. I'm not too thrilled about it, but I don't have a choice. I won't be having any Christmas fun this year.
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I'll be at home looking after my two younger brothers. It won't be a big deal this year as my parents are spending their first christmas away this year in Dubai!!!

So unless somehow i learn how to cook between now and then, i doubt i'll even be having a xmas dinner

Guess someone must sell ready made christmas dinners eh?!
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Thought I'd bump this incase anyone wanted to share their new plans.

Mine remain the same, I'm doing christmas prep tomorrow. I think I can safely say my Christmas shopping is finished. Christmas will be late afternoon and I can't wait.

Merry christmas to everyone. Best wishes.

Samantha-Ann Pratt & Furrfamily
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Dinner with my father that I have barely spoken to for two years.

Hope it goes well. *Gulp*
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Momofmany I vote for : D
Me, too!

My fiance and I are heading to my parents' tonight. They live about an hour away. We're celebrating Christmas tomorrow and coming home on Thursday, since he has to work. On Christmas, my friend Alexis and I will exchange gifts, then either hang out at my house or go to a movie.

I have vacation until January 5, with no big plans. I really need some relaxation time, and maybe I'll do a Lord of the Rings marathon, watch both my DVDs then see Return of the King again.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, there's no computer at my parents' house, so this is my last chance to send season's greetings.
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Good Luck Mags and have fun Brenda!
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