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Wisdom tooth removal on the 17th :( - Page 2

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I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed at one sitting. Believe me that hurt alot less than the two tattoos I got!! (now those hurt!) Many people love to share "horror" stories, but really the worst part is the post-op discomfort for the next few days after the surgery. Then you are home free!
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I've never had to have wisdom teeth taken out. The dentist says I don't even have any signs of any wisdom teeth!

You'll do fine! Don't worry and just follow the doctor's instructions!
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Everyones experience is different Cougar. Just try and relax, most likely it will be fine and you'll recuperate in a few days or so.

I had my 4 out when I was 16. I went under anesthesia so I felt nothing. The few days after were painful, but manageable w/ some ibuprofen or tylenol. And within a week or two I was back to normal.

Good luck!
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I had mine out about 5 yrs ago too.. actually more like 7. i agree with the IV method! I had laffing gas.. boy that was fun
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Originally posted by Cougar
I wasn't expecting that.
JasmineCat, its good to know its not 12 shots! Thanks for informative posts
Caprice, you woke up in the middle of the sugery? Did you feel any pain?
I think I might be able to take another shot in the mouth if they blindfold me, and strap my head to a table.
I hope it turns out easy for me.
On the topic of Nitrous Oxide. Is that the same stuff you can add to your car? So if I could tap a 12lb. bottle of it, I could numb myself before the sugery

Thanks everyone, Im starting to feel better about it already.
Ill keep you up to date,

When I woke up, I didn't feel anything except the affects of the anethsia wearing off. I started to cry because it freaked me out, but I was ok and out again once they gave me another shot. I was not very happy with going through it though. I am sure you will be fine. Everyone has different side effects, you sound like a strong person--so you'll be ok!
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Well a little under 2 weeks to go! Ive decided to go for sure with the IV Christmas is soon after the sugery so I can look forward to that. Thanks everyone,

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Originally posted by Louse76

...but I'm worried that I might get molested while I'm out... and not be able to brag about it! I hope they have the courtesy to at least give me a when I'm back up! One of the assistants is rather cute, and the dentist isn't too bad herself .
(not that being molested is funny, it isn't...but thought this comment was... )
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