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Bloody Diarrhea

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I am new to this forum. I have a cat that I have basically adopted from a man that I do daycare for. She became pregnant because of his lack of knowledge of the feline reproduction cycle and he is never home. I agreed to keep her until the kittens were born and find homes for the kittens at which time she would return home to him. Well, I have invested much time and money in this little kitty and her new family! Starting from getting her on a good quality kitten food from having been on some nasty grocery store food to having to take her to the vet one day post pardom to have one or her deformed kittens euthanized. Now, she and the remaining kitten have seemed in good health until I noticed that she is having bloody stools that are occasionally loose. I have two other cats of my own and am quite sure that at this point, anything that she make have has most likely been passed to my two cats. Does anyone know what could cause the bloody stools? As this is not my cat I am reluctant to spend much more money on this kitty for vet visits. Her owner is not very willing to fork out much in the way of vet care. I care about her and the 2 wk old kitten and am hoping that some one has some advice. I have had dogs with coccidia that exhibited the same symptoms and I treated them with Albon, which I still have. Is that safe for cats?
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I don't know anything about bloody stools. But when we adopted our Yumosh, we were told that one of her littermaters had coccidia. So we were given a bottle of Albon as a precaution (although she didn't have any signs of the disease). So, Albon is used for cats also. The dosage might be different for cats though...
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Thanks DODO! I think that it may be coccidia because she has the symptoms that my dog had. Guess I better phone the vet and get it taken care of before my healthy cats get sick!!
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Bloody diarrhea can be caused by many things such giardia, inflammatory bowl decease, worms and parasites, etc. It is nothing that will go away on it's own and really needs to be checked out by a VET due the multitude of causes.
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I know that I will end up at the vet with this kitty, just thought I could get some advice so I could go to the vet a little better informed.
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I have a kitty that suffers from chronic hairballs (it gets even worse during shedding seasons), and this condition will sometimes cause him to have bloody diarrhea. My vet always puts him on a precautionary course of antibiotics (for secondary infection prevention) and we changed his diet so that he gets more essential oils to help keep things moving along.

If your cat has been shedding more recently, this could be a contributing factor that you might mention to your vet.

Best of luck,

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As this isn't really my cat, I'm not sure about the ammount of shedding in the past, but thanks for the advice!!
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