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I have a big date this Friday!!!!!

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OK, this is going to be the weirdest story ever, but here goes . . . there's this guy that I've been friends with for about three and a half years. He grew up about two hours away from where I live in Atlanta, and goes to school at a college that's also about two hours from here. So, since we live so far apart, how did we meet, you may ask? At Six Flags!!! Yup, at an amusement park, in the summer of 2000. We exchanged e-mails. We talked online for awhile and then started talking on the phone. During the first part of my Junior year of high school, I actually went to visit him twice.

Anyway, there was a lot of chemistry between us for awhile there, but nothing ever happened because he got a girlfriend and I found Alex at about the same time, in January 2001. But we still stayed in touch all this time, and got to be really good, close friends.

Sooooo . . . now, I'm single again, and he's been single . . . and he asked me to go to this Christmas formal down at his college on Friday!!! He hasn't seen me in three years! And, to top it all off, he told me the other night on the phone that he's always liked me as more than a friend, but that since Alex and I were together, he kept it to himself!!! So, I'm going down there, and going out to dinner and to this formal with him, and then spending the night with one of his gal pals. And then we're going to hang out all day Saturday.

I'm so excited, but I'm so nervous, too!!! We haven't seen each other in so long! And I mean, I talk to him all the time, but still . . . it's different in person, especially with what he told me on the phone the other night! I've got the biggest case of the jitters!!!
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I hope you enjoy the formal with him and enjoy your visit. Do you live far from him or are you in the Atlanta area too?
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I live far away from him. I'm actually the one who lives in Atlanta . . . he lives two hours away from Atlanta.
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Yay for you! Good luck and be carefull!!!
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Long distance relationships do work!

Have a blast at the Christmas Formal and enjoy the face to face time! May I suggest a safety net. Have a friend you trust waiting for you. This person should know where you are staying and when you're due home.
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That's not even long distance!

Have a blast, don't over think things, give yourself time before you rush into anything. But I bet you can score a new year's eve date out of this too!!!

I am really pleased for you to hear that you are dating, and excited about it.
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Viva I'm glad that you're going out and having fun. I wish you lots of luck on your date.

How's Luna?
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Wow that is wonderful! I hope you have a great time with him! Keep us posted on how it goes!!!
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Viva, that sounds so nice! I hope you will have great fun. He seems like such a nice guy, and it´s not like he is a stranger, it´s great that you have been friends for so long and now maybe it´s going further!
Have great fun and good luck!
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oh thaat sounds so nice and fun, those wonderful days of dating!! it sounds like he has always kept you on his mind, mabe this is fait,, have a good time and enjoy yourself...
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that sounds like fun!!Have fun!!Let us know how things turn out!
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Friday... That's when my date is too. I wish you luck on your date. It sounds like you are getting over Alex rather well.
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Good luck and have a wonderful time - you deserve it!
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good luck from me too! I hope he's everything you want(and deserve!)!!!!!
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Awesome! Have a great time! Drive carefully!
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I hope you have a great time!!!
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What a neat story! Ditto what everyone said, have a great time!
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Viva - that's such great news - I hope your date goes really well and is the start of something lovely for you.

I am HUGELY embarrassed though I must've missed the thread about you and Alex splitting up - I can only grab chunks of time here rather than the hours I used to spend because the new baby is SOOOOOOO time consuming!

Good luck for Friday
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I hope it goes well for you.
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Hey Viva....its Saturday date MUST be over
How was it?
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Originally posted by Pollyanna
Hey Viva....its Saturday date MUST be over
How was it?
Maybe, its NOT over yet!
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Ohhh not over on a Saturday night?

Now, I gotta hear all the details!
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Same here! I'm anxious to hear how it went!

He sounds great though! It reminds me of one of my best friends from High School & a saying she told me back then. It's always stuck & it's permanently etched in my brain.

"It's easier to make a friend your lover, but it's difficult to make a lover a friend".

Good Luck Viva! Hope it went great!
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