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Scooter has FeLV - Page 2

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Oh this is so sad.
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ohno this is just awful - I havent clicked on the link, but I dont need to do that... my thoughts are with all the kitties that went to this place

please let us know if you hear of anything about sweet Scooter or any news on the place...

my heart goes out to them all
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Oh Renae, I am so, so, so sorry to hear about this! Of course MA's right. You would never knowingly put a cat in such a situation - and obviously things were being done right as it was a nice place when you - and others - were there. I'm so sorry for whatever it was that caused this, but you must not and cannot blame yourself.

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Why did I look at the photos? I am sobbing.

Renae - I wish I could come down there and hug you. And stop on the way back home stop and let Gary teach whoever's responsible a lesson.
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I can't even imagine what you are going through. That is such an unbelievable violation of your trust and the trust of others. I can't imagine how this place can still be open and allowed to operate! Those pictures made me bawl. I hope you are able to find Scooter, or at least know that he wasn't subjected to that kind of treatment.
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Originally Posted by esrgirl
I can't imagine how this place can still be open and allowed to operate!
I have just found out from a listserve I'm on that the place in question, Angel Wings Sanctuary in Tennessee, was closed down 3 days ago.
There are people working to save the cats that were found there alive. If I hear anything more, I'll share it with you.
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Oh Thank God, I hope they find all of that were there ok
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Click here to read an update on what is happening with Angel Wings. You can find pictures of many of the recovered cats by clicking on the "found" link. I didn't find Scooter in any of the pictures. And, many of the rescued cats look so awful. It is absolutely heartbreaking.
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Renea, there's nothing that I can say, no words to express the way that I feel, and how I know you must feel...but {{HUGS}} hon, and more prayers too.
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That was difficult to read, but thank you for sending it, Lotsocats. I do not see Callie's picture among those on the site. I'm scouring my fosters' photos (I really MUST organize them!) to find a picture of her to send in. I actually hope she died naturally before everything fell apart at AW. She was FeLV+. What a horrible fate for all those poor, innocent cats. I'm still in a state of disbelief that it got so bad at AW. ::
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