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Scooter has FeLV

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This is a long story.

When Scooter was a kitten, we took him in for neutering and his initial vaccinations. Within a couple of weeks of being home, one of our ferals chased away Scooter.

About 5 months later, Scooter re-appeared. He was timid and had really goopy eyes. It took a little while, but he became really loving and sweet. I took him to the vet for meds and got him his booster shots.

Eventually I realized that the poofs on his rear-end sure looked as if he hadn't been neutered, so I took him in again and lo-and-behold, this cat hadn't been neutered. That means that this isn't the original Scooter and that he was vaccinated (booster shots) without being tested first for FeLV. (this shows why we need to ear tip!)

Anyway, we got new Scooter neutered and once again treated for his cold. Several weeks later his cold is still here and his bum doesn't look right, so I take him back to the vet yesterday. Turns out he is infected from the neutering and still is goopy-eyed. The vet does a FeLV test and Scooter comes back positive.

Scooter has turned into a real lover of a cat. He is energetic, friendly, cuddly, and the goofiest looking sweet cat you could ever imagine. He would make such a great pet, but he is goofy looking (real short legs and a tom cat body) and now he has leukemia.

On the one hand, I think I need to have him put down so there is no risk of infecting the other three cats who live in our yard (not to mention the other neighborhood cats). On the other hand, if I could find a home for him he would make a wonderful pet. But, who would want this funny-looking sweetheart of a cat?

Alley Cat Allies has a page that says "cats infected with FeLV can recover from transient infections" and "Age-related resistance is an FeLV phenomenon" and "FeLV is mostly transmitted to kittens."


I have to go talk to the vet this afternoon about what to do. Any advice before then would be appreciated.
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Someone posted about this on the Best Friends Site:


This is what Joy side:

If you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you have the cat's test result confirmed with an IFA test. This test is much more dependable than the ELISA test, the test that is usually used in veterinary clinics. For the IFA test to be done, blood would have to be sent off to a lab. A cat can test positive for FeLV on the ELISA test (because he/she is carrying antibodies to the virus), but not actually be carrying the Feline Leukemia Virus. The only way to know for sure is to have the IFA test performed.

If the cat tests positive on the ELISA test, but negative on the IFA test, it is likely that the cat has successfully fought off the virus and will remain negative unless exposed in the future. You should have the cat retested with the IFA test twelve weeks after the first negative IFA test, just to be sure, before integrating the cat into a household with other


If the cat does again test positive...contact these groups:


Good Luck

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Thank you so very much for that information. I will definately have the vet send off a sample for IFA testing.

Thanks also for the links. I am heading off to read them now.

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I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for Scooter . I hope it has a good turn out some how .
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Using the link you gave to felinerescue.net, I found a cat sanctuary that is willing to take Scooter!!!! I am so very excited.

Unfortunately, it will be about a seven hour drive for me to take him there, but tomorrow I leave for Atlanta so I will be driving in that general direction anyway. I have to find out whether tomorrow will be too soon, but this just might work!

Katie....you have earned yourself some BIG karma today. Thanks so much for your help!

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wow that is great news for Scooter and his future . I am so happy for him and you .
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Renae...can you do me a favor and go to the Best Friends Forum and post a Thank You to Joy Jett. She is the one who actually deserves the Thank You as she is the one who provided those links to someone else.


It's under Rescue:NC: FeLV Positive Cat Needs Home

So happy it worked out!!!!!!

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Renae - I was so sad when I started reading this thread, but the ending just made my day! Katie - you are so wonderful!!!!!!

I love TCS! This is exactly what these forums are here for.

Of course, I'm still sad you're "losing" new Scooter - but I'm so glad it seems like things will work out for him. I know you're probably on your way to Atlanta now - but I'm dying of curiousity to know if he's with you and on his way to his new home......
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I wasn't able to take Scooter with me on Thursday. He has been staying at the vet instead. This is finals week, so we can't get there until next week (or perhaps this weekend).

Here is a virtual tour of the sanctuary. It looks like a truly wonderful place!

Katie, I'm swamped at work, but I will write to the folks at the other site when I have a free minute. Thanks again for your help!
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"Our cats don’t spend their time in cages, but can roam about the Cat House freely." LOL! Sounds so funny (my mind...you know... "cathouse..." )

Renae - this place looks so wonderful! Gary and I have talked about a cat ranch - and there it is!
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I dropped off Scooter yesterday. It was a long day of driving and Scooter did great in the car. It broke my heart to leave him. I cried like a baby as I left the drop off site. I hope that this turns out to be a good home for this sweet boy.
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That had to be hard, but you did such a wonderful thing for him. Keep us posted if you get any updates on him. Good job Renae!!
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(((HUGS))) That had to be very difficult. The sanctuary looks like a wonderful place where Scooter can live his life in peace.
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I have been reading this thread but I never knew what to say. I still don't.

You did a wonderful thing for Scooter. He's able to roam freely and be a wonderful companion to the people there. It looks like kitty heaven at the sanctuary. I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

There's nothing against you for volunteering there once or twice a year so that you can help out and spend some time with Scooter.

Without you in his life, Scooter wouldn't be where he is now. You've done many good things for him.
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You did a great thing for Scooter. He will live out his life cared for and happy in his new home.
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Here is a picture of Scooter. The lady at the sanctuary took it shortly after he went to live there. He looks a little timid but doesn't look unhappy. She said that he loves that cat tree he is standing behind. (Scooter is the one with the white crest)
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Renae - I don't know him well enough to think he looks a little timid in the pic. He sure looks cared for though! I know it must break your heart. I also know you know you've done the right thing, and a wonderful thing. Knowing that doesn't make it one bit easier though, does it? Giving them up for care by others is always so darn difficult.

You know what I think you should do? I think you should find a weekend when you and hubby can get away. Make sure the shelter is NOT sponsoring a spay/neuter weekend then. Go have a romantic Saturday night with hubby someplace on the way to or from TN, and go visit Scooter. It'll ease your heart.

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Laurie, I think that is a wonderful idea. Classes are just about ready to start up again, but I think in a month or so we might do just that! Thanks for the idea.
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I'm so glad you found Scooter a home!

He's gorgeous!
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I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I just received an e-mail notifying me that Angel Wings Rescue -- the place I took Scooter -- is being investigated for animal neglect and cruelty. The story and a link to horrific pictures can be found here. http://www.angelwingsrescue.org/more.html

I am sure that Scooter is dead now, and am horrified to think that he spent his last days in the filth seen in these photos.

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Oh no how horrible, I am broken hearted for you and scooter, Please keep us informed
I couldn't even look at those pictures those people should just be shot, this just make me sick, I can't beleive people can do that to them.
I think about not just myself but all the other wonderful careing people that try and make a differance and then this, it's so very very sad and sick
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Oh hon! Is there any way that you can find out anything for sure about what happened to him? {{{HUGS}}} for you, you did what you thought was best for him at the time!
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Thanks for your support. The photos are on a separate page and there are lots of warning signs around the button that takes you to that page, so you can read about Angel Wings without seeing any upsetting pictures.

I have sent the investigators information about Scooter and about the big bucks I donated to Ange Wings. They are also investigating the sanctuary for fraud, so the owner may have taken my money and done something other than use it to care for Scooter. (I gave her enough money to cover food and vet care for at least a year.)
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They are going to post Scooter's picture and description on the Angel Wings Lost and Found page to see whether they can get any feedback about him.

Thanks for your support.

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Oh God Renae! What a horrible situation! My heart just cries for Scooter and the other kitties who had to live in that filth.
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Oh no Renae, how unsettling- if you have seen the photos- did you see him among any of the cats? Oh God, this just makes me so sick. We had a similar incidence happen with someone who listed on another website- about two months after they listed their retirement home for cats, they were closed down due to abuse! You be kind to yourself and please let us know if you find out about dear Scooter. You would never knowingly put a cat into such a situation so just remember that-

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The cat in the basket in the "bedroom" photos looks an awful lot like scooter. I hope that he is well.
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I went back and checked the photo of the cat in the bedroom. It did not have enough white on it to be Scooter. sigh.
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I am SO sorry for your Scooter. In 2001, I drove a young foster kitty, Callie, who was FeLV+ and had 5 stillborn babies at my house, down to Angel Wings, thinking that she would have a good home for life. I'm terribly saddened to hear of the allegations surrounding that place and only hope that precious Callie died naturally before things went downhill. It was real decent when I took her there ...
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I hate to hear of another person who trusted her with your cats, but am glad that things there seemed okay when you were there as well. I don't feel quite so guilty knowing that someone else was there and felt okay leaving their cat under her care.
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