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I was surprised at work today. The boy I've been seeing for about a month and a half sent me flowers. My best friend's mom works where I do so I showed her and she told me he was a keeper.

All the other women were jealous. I was kind of embarassed.

Why doesn't Emmers send me flowers?
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Originally posted by Creepyowl

Why doesn't Emmers send me flowers?
'Cause the florist doesn't take catnip for payment??

Nice to have someone to send you flowers though!!
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy
'Cause the florist doesn't take catnip for payment??
True, that!

That's so sweet for him to send you flowers!!
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AAAWWWW flowers how cute
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a man with flowers, is man after your heart
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Aww! How sweet! Gosh I remember those days....they seem so long ago! LOL!

As for Emmett...sounds like you two need to have a heart to heart talk about where this "relationship" is going!

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AAaawwwwww this is so sweet! Not just giving you flowers, but sending it to you at work! Public affection!
I´d say hi´s a keeper!
Keep us updated where this leads!
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I was so surprised. I called him tonight and thanked him. We are going out for dinner this weekend. I'm still not sure about this. I do like him, we have tons in common, but I'm waiting for the axe to fall. It always falls eventually!

Since we aren't spending Christmas together, him with his family and me with mine he suggested we go out for a really nice dinner and exchange gifts. I wonder what he's gonna get me.....

Emmers doesn't need to send me flowers, he beams his love to me
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If I got flowers from hubby I would ask him who he is seeing JK I would be in shock though
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Flowers. How lovely. This could be going places! Keep us posted.
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man, this guy sounds romantic....come to think abt it.. why dun i get flowers???
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Well my friend's mom who I work with got flowers today from her husband. I guess she told him Steve sent me some and he had to get on her good side I thought it was nice. I wonder how many other men got a talking to yesterday after the flowers were seen??
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That's very sweet. I can't think of the last time I got flowers!
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