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Email notifications

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I went into my user cp and turned of the email notification when someone responds to a thread, but I'm still getting email notices.

Did I not do it right?

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This may sound like a dumb question, but did you scroll all the way to the bottom and click on "submit changes"?
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I just checked your options through the admin panel and the option was still off so I turned it on for you. You should be getting them from now on (but I think that only for posts you make from now on, not on previous threads).
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Ummmmm Anne?

That's what the post was for...

I had turned them off and was still gettting them. I wanted to know if you could stop them..

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I'm glad I'm not completely nuts. I thought you wanted them off, but then thought I misinterpreted when I read Anne's response.

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I think this is what Anne means,

I turned off my email notifications, but I still get them when someone responds to a thread that I had posted in BEFORE I turned off the notifications. In other words it doesn't effect past threads. everytime someone posts to the 'post pictures of your beautiful cats' thread, I get a notification but that is the only semi-active one left for me

I hope this made sense.
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Thanks ya'll, I understand about getting emails from threads before I turned it off.... I was thinking that anyway.

But.. If you read Annes post, she looked at mine.. it was off, (i had turned it off a few days ago), and she turned it back on..

Does any of this remind you of Who's on First?


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Totally my mistake. I just changed it back - sorry!

What you need to do now is go to your CP and scroll down to where it says that you are not subscribed to any forums. The next line says:

Subscribed threads with new posts since your last visit: [view all subscribed threads]
When viewing those threads you can unsubscribe from the threads you want.

I think that should do it...
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