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Wednesday Daily Thread

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Good Morning all! I am about to head over to my new school and register for the Spring! Really excited and anxious to get it out of the way. After that, all I have to wait on is word on my financial aid. My grandfather and my cousin had to replace the braker in our washroom outside so that everytime I wash clothes and wash dishes, I won't flip the braker...the joys of living in a home built in the 40's (not complaning...just stating a fact)! It sure is just beautiful right now with the Christmas decorations! Hopefully, when I get home tonight...Mittens found another thing to play instead of the balls on the Christmas tree!! Have a great day everyone!
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Good day everyone I hope everyone is having a Happy Hump Day

I'm getting geared up today for my big shopping trip to the city tomorrow. Heres hoping I get most of it done. I mostly have to pick up things for hubby, the kids have their main things. I'm hoping to get hubby to put the lights up on the outside of the house soon, and to get our Christmas tree. Gibbons will love that! :rainbow:

I just looked out my window and holy moly is the snow coming down!! They predicted flurries, but we're getting way more than that! I just got insdie from putting evergreen boughs and red bows under all my windows, just in time apparently. My daughter will be thrilled- she said "it doesn't feel like Christmas with no snow". Guess she got her wish. In the upper part of my Province they are predicting 30 cm to fall tonight, but we usually get cross winds from Maine. Anyone from that area care to fill me in on what you're getting now so I can prepare for it in a few days?
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I'm getting ready to present a mini-MS Word seminar for the company. Hopefully it will go OK. Even though I use it every day, and spent the past two days researching it, there is so much that I don't know about the program. Microsoft makes everything so automated that it is sometimes difficult to get it to do what YOU want, and even more difficult to explain why beyond "Because Bill Gates decided that's how we want the document."

I actually had an evening off last night! I've been so busy working on websites and the cookbook that I haven't had a real evening for myself in a good couple of weeks. Even the long weekend for Thanksgiving was mostly spent working. BUT, Earl showed the website to our client, and he really liked it. Just a few minor changes, but those could wait because we can't get into their ISP to launch the website. (Problems with passwords...)

We got Johnny...I mean Pirates of the Carribean last night, so that's how I spent my evening. Maybe tonight I'll watch the disk of extras.
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Hey everyone! I'm going shopping tonight . . . I am going to a Christmas formal on Friday and I need to find some red shoes to go with my red dress! I'm so excited! I'm going to try to pull off the whole "lady in red" thing, since this is the first fancy thing I'll be going to since I've been single. I wanna turn some heads. Not sure if I'll succeed, but I'm going to try . . .

Anyway, Luna is officially psychotic, she attacks me everytime I'm on the computer or telephone. And then if I quit what I'm doing to give her some attention or play with her, she runs! I don't know what's up with that, but it's starting to get on my nerves. I don't like getting bitten by a large (and getting larger by the day) cat!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!
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Last day of college for 2003 here in NZ!

I'm not there though, I have four little new borns that need my attention.

I told their story in the "Sophie......" thread in Breeders Corner. Check it out.

I'm having a nice relaxful day. Hope everyone else is the same.
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Alarm didn't go off this morning so had an extra 30 mins of sleep and woke up because Kahu was sniffing my mouth - I think he was wondering why we did not get up and had to check to see if we were still breathing

Went and paid bills, then hubby had a class and so I went to starbucks and read this really funny book there - it was all the things that hubbies do that irritate their wives, I was laughing out loud that a guy there was wondering what was so funny.

I feel very exhausted for some reason. Oh well.

Have a wonderful day you all!
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I had an OK day today.
Finally I cought up with the optical man in the optical shop. I have been half blind for ages now, I bought new glasses 2,5 years ago, and they alway bothered me, and after I had my son, I just couldn´t use them anymore and went fully back to my old ones, that are so scratched that I cant see through them, even if they were the right strenght! I sometimes wear contacts, but cant read with them, so it is a constant struggle.
Today I had a complete checkup, and found out that I need stronger glasses for reading and the "not the eyesight strenght, but the other thing..." was wrong in my "new" glasses, so now I´m getting other lenses in the new glasses and new reading lenses in the old glasses. I am so glad, now I can try to start reading again. No wonder I dont read, somewhat dyslexic and half blind!

My son is coming down with something, he has been coughing, snezzing and crying now, I just hope it will get better soon. We have scheduled a professional photoshoot on Friday, I hope he will be allright then.

Anyway, my glasses are at the shop now, and I have contacts, so I havent reaad how all your days have been (sorry!), just have to keep the eye piercing reading to a minimal, tomorrow I will be able to read all I want, I hope!
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My jury duty has been cancelled, for the week so, I HAD to go to work. There are too many stupid people being allowed to buy cars! Still getting calls from people who expect us to let them slide on their car payments, just because Christmas is coming.

I was awakened this morning by Rowdy kissing my ear. Couldn't she have waited an hour, until the alarm went off? Buddy was my snuggly boy, all night long. With Bill cuddled against my right side and Buddy tight against my left, I can't roll over!

Was going to take pix of the house decorations but, the batteries in my digital are dead. Oh, well - I needed to buy new ones, to take pix of the twins, anyway.
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Hey Cindy! I look forward to see new pics of the twins! I´m sure they have grown a lot since the last time I "saw" them!
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