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Ivan (little grey foster kitten) update!

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Finally got a picture of Ivan from his new family!

His name is now Reilly, and he is now about 4 & 1/2 months old. He's getting big! He's happy with his new family, and they just adore him. I love getting good news like this!

Isn't he just gorgeous? :

This thread has lots of pictures of him when I first brought him home - he had lots of fun with my dogs...

Here's a picture of him when I first picked him up, for those who may have missed it:

And one from the day before he went to his new home:

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Oh he's just so cute!
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What a handsome little guy he is growing into! I'm so happy to hear such a great update on him....he definitely deserves a wonderful and loving forever home, and it sure sounds like he has one!
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Great to hear he is doing well! He's so a cute little fuzzball
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OMG what a beautiful kitten he is . He has grown a lot , wow . I am so happy for you and for him that he has a good home
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Tess!!!! He has grown so much. I'm so glad he has a nice home. He's still very cute.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
And one from the day before he went to his new home:

That's so cute! He's waving!
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Awwww he's adorable!!
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He is cuter than possible! So good to hear that he's got a good home.
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OMG!!! He has grown so much!!!! Thank you for the beautiful pic!! I missed him so much!
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What a cute little boy he has grown into!! I remember him!.
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Wow...That gorgeous little furbaby sure has grown into a handsome youg man Who could ever forget a face like his: What a sweetie! I am so glad that he has a great furever home
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awwww he is such a fuzzy wuzzy little furr ball ...such an absolute cutie pie....that little face ...awwww.....delighted that he is happy in his new home
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omg he's gorgeous!!! And getting so big!
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Thanks, everyone.

Hubby's going to bring home a disc of pictures they took of him tonight...I'll try to get them posted tomorrow. It's such a wonderful feeling to know he's happy.
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I think Ivan as a baby is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen, and he is growing into a very handsome cat!! I'm so glad he has found a loving home!
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WHat a handsome boy he is growing up to be!! You must be thrilled to know that he is being well taken care of!
Are his eyes yellow now? They looked so blue in your pics of him?
Great news!
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His eyes do seem to be turning yellow. Kind of cool...they went from blue, to the same shade of grey as his fur, and now they're leaning to yellow.

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Thanks for the update! It's so uplifting to hear a progress report, and feel good that you sent him to a good home, and see for sure thru the pics. Reilly aka Ivan is soooo handsome.
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