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Hi everyone, I am writing to let everyone know that we are doing fine. Jake is growing up beautifully. I, now, have to use both hands to pick him up since he is getting heavy. I did what some people in the forum suggested and if I did it right, then Jake is about 7 or 7.5 pounds. He is probably 6 or 7 months old. I am looking for measuring tape to measure his height. He eats like a pig. meaning, that he will eat anything. He begs for his food. And sometimes, I would pick him up and put him on the crook of my arm and stroke his belly. he spreads his arms and legs apart and his head is laid back with his eyes closed, totally enjoying it. I am out of school until the 29 of august. I will try and stop to any computer lab available and check my messages.
I hope everyone is doing ok.

From Jake and Alicia :blossom: :girlie: :chicken: :egypt: