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Jarama's ear

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My every observant GF just noticed this in J's ear. He seems to be scratching it alot, and we're not sure if he's scratching after it showed up, or if the scratching caused it. Any opinions? I'll take him to the vet tomorrow just incase of course, but just wanting to get any opinions so I can sleep tonight without worrying about my baby boy.

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Oh he is such a cutie pie - hmm can't tell and the best thing already by taking him to the Vet. Good luck and let us know how it turned out.

I am sure he'll be just fine.
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Have you recently switched pet foods or fed them anything new lately? That looks like what Mabel had a few weeks ago and the vet suspected it was an allergic reaction. I had just switched wet foods, and since I stopped feeding the new one... it cleared up
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That happened to Patches once when we switched her food,she
was scratching herself and we took her to the vet and she
said that she was allergic to the new food we were feeding her
I felt so bad so we put her back on her old food and then
she was fine - wasen't scratching anymore
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Maybe its the dog food
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