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Bottled Water For Dogs, Cats, Rodents

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I heard it on the news this morning and thought What next? And then did a search for it on the net and found that the stuff exists.

Would anyone actually buy it? A 600ml bottle sells for $2 which is roughly $3 Australian. for Bottled Water for Pets.

A Washington state man is marketing Pet Refresh, a line of bottled water for pets. (KOMO-TV) Bottled Water for Spot?
Man Markets Flavored Thirst-Quenchers for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rodents

By Theron Zahn
Special to

S E A T T L E, Aug. 31 — A man marketing a new line of bottled water for pets says he got the idea from his finicky dog.

When it came from the tap, Jason the dog wouldn't drink a drop.

"[He] wasn't drinking water period — out of the toilet, anywhere," Bill Fels, founder of Pet Refresh, told the ABCNEWS affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle.

But when Fels took Jason camping, he learned the pooch loved stream water.

"I took him to the vet, figuring there was something wrong," Fels said. "The vet said he just doesn't like the taste and flavor of city water."

Fels started purifying mountain water for Jason, and then his friend's dogs, and Pet Refresh was born.

Beef and Chicken Flavors

Fels said the bottled water is just hitting stores, and he is marketing it for dogs, cats, birds and rodents.

He drives to the Carbon River near Mount Rainier in Washington state to fill up, filtering out the natural bugs and bacteria before adding his special flavors.

Those include "beef and chicken, right now," Fels said. "I'm working on a chlorophyll [version] for nervous dogs with nervous stomachs and bad breath."

But do pets really need bottled water?

Veterinarian Ann Brudvik said tap water is safe, but she knows people often hate the taste.

"There are some pets that find it that way, too," she said. "On the other hand, if we're talking about dogs, they generally will eat or drink just about anything."

‘Really Ridiculous’

So, who would pay about $2 a bottle for dog water?

"For all the other things we get our 13-pound little Shih Tzu, bottled water wouldn't be out to the question," said one dog owner, Emmett Garbett.

But some pet owners were dubious.

"I would probably laugh," said Haruko Sagami.

"I would think it's ridiculous, really ridiculous," said Sandy Hill, laughing out loud.

Fels believes they can go ahead and laugh all they want. Though it may seem like a luxury item to some pet owners, he and Jason will keep working on new products, and he believes they will sell.

"They're part of the family," he said of pets. "I don't believe you scrimp on your family."

Theron Zahn is a reporter for ABCNEWS affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle.
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If they come out with tuna flavor, Zero will probably actually go out and get a part time job!
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People will buy anything! Waiting at the airport the other night, we struck up a conversation with the corporate baker for "Three Dog Bakery", located in Kansas City. They have 30 dog bakeries opened up, and he was just back from a trip to Korea where they are opening up yet another. He claims that his product is considered a status symbol in some places (particularly foreign countries), and was actually surprised for awhile on the response to his product.

Just goes to show you...people will buy anything if it is marketed effectively! Personally I would never buy bottled water for my babies - I don't drink it, my water is pure - we all drink from the tap.
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I use bottled water for my cats to drink, although they will drink tap water or rain water if given a chance.
This guy is funny tho. I would call it "cold soup for pets"
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yayi...with my two, they sniff any liquid that's accessible to them. They find the aquarium absolutely fascinating and it's got a lid! They love chicken soup.

But with the bottled water, I wouldn't buy it. I don't drink it myself. It's soooooooooooooooo much cheaper drinking tap water. And the pet water would cost quite a bit in my house and I've only got two cats. And I know there are quite a few of you out there with far more cats than me.
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Here, bottled water is not expensive, that is why I don't mind buying. However, there is also another reason. From my experience,if my cats drink this type of water they will less likely get fleas. I treat them for fleas of course, but since I switched to bottled water I noticed the difference. I used to treat them for fleas like every 6 months (they are outdoor) and now I do it once a year (sometimes 1 and a half).I have no scientific proof and I am not selling the idea of bottled water for pets, it is just what I've noticed with my cats. There maybe other reasons why my cats are not getting fleas but I believe it is the water.
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When I lived in Bullhead City, I had to give the cats bottled water. The city water is undrinkable. Two or three times a week, we ran down to the water dispenser and filled up gallon bottles. I didn't blame the cats for not drinking the tap water - I couldn't either!
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Originally posted by Louse76
If they come out with tuna flavor, Zero will probably actually go out and get a part time job!
lol mine would too
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I wouldn't pay that much for special water for the animals, but I will admit that I do buy distilled water for my cats - we have very hard water here, to which they've recently started adding flouride, and I figure my cats are better off with distilled water since they're seniors and I want to protect their kidney function as much as possible.

I wonder if this guy's water was too heavily chlorinated? My dogs will drink almost any water - the nastier it is, the more they like it, but they won't touch water that's heavily chlorinated. The simple solution to that is to leave the water sitting out overnight in an open container so the chlorine will dissipate.
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I read about that, too, and don't find it all that strange. When I was working in center-city Philadelphia, one of our dogs came to work with me, and he hated "city water", so I brought tap water from our suburban home with me every day. I have a friend who has been making her own chicken broth for years, freezing it in ice cube trays, and dropping a cube into her cats' water bowls every day to encourage them to drink more. I've had a lot of people tell me they give their cats bottled water. One of my students has a cat that will only drink sparkling water fresh out of the bottle. So I think this guy will probably find a lot of customers.
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Jeepers drinks normal tap water, my mother in law's cat will only drink water out of her floating candle container. I would consider pet water if Jeepers prefered it, but I don't think she's that fussy.
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Every cat, I've ever had has only been given bottled water. It's not so much the cat's preference (Gambit likes to drink from the toilet bowl), but mine. I don't drink tap water, so why should my cat. While I would never buy a special bottled water for my cat, unless it was vitamin enhanced or had some benefit for him, he will always get bottled water.
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I use a Pur water filter in my house, so when I fill the water dish, I use the filtered water. Yet, I have still seen my cats drink from a nasty rain puddle on the back porch. I think that they could really care less. The part that amazes me is that if I drank from the same puddle, I would probably get sick.
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i buy distilled water for my babies, our water out of tap isnt very good, its not expensive at WatMart...
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I drink Tap & Bottled and the animals drink tap. They don't mind what it is.
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Kudos if he can - it's like the guy who sold snow balls for $1.00 a piece during last weekends snow storm in NY. There are always suckers out there!
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Snowballs for $1.00??!?!?!

I'd rather make one from the freezer. And that's the closest I ever get to snow....hmmm...after all it is only a dollar....and it is the real thing.......and if it could be shipped over here and arrive frozen....hmmm......
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Bentley gets nothing but bottled water. We all drink bottled water here after I had our well water checked because we got a new refrigerator that dispenses ice and water. The test came back positive for coliform and high levels of nitrates. We had our well chlorinated twice and still have a positive reading for the coliform and I've been told the only way I can get rid of the nitrates is to use a reverse osmosis doo-hickey. There's no way I'd give Bentley THAT water.
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My city water is hard, treated with fluoride and stinks of chlorine. I won't drink it and neither will my cat. She barely drank the tap water when I'd put it in her bowl. When I filled her bowl with fresh spring water, she started to drink a fair amount per day.

I'm not into buying "special" water marketed towards pets or people. Heck, I don't even buy the flavored water for humans...or the ones that now write "calorie free" on the label. Some people are suckers for gimmicks.
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I don't drink tap water, and neither do my cats. I have one of those filter pitchers, not sure how much it actually filters, but it tastes better. I buy a new filter cartridge every few months, so it's not that expensive.

I just wonder how drinking bottled water will affect kids' teeth, since tap water is fluoridated but bottled isn't. Any ideas?
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In Australia you can buy fluoride treatments from dental clinics or pharmacies.

They're in the form of mouth rinses and as gels. I only know of ones that Colgate does.

Here's a link to an online pharmacy that has some for sale.
National Pharmacies - Australian Based!! Not USA!

Link to Colgate's Website
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Our tap water is pretty good. We don't have any inclination to buy bottled water. The cats prefer water that's been sitting out for a while, so I keep a gallon jug for their use, and fill their bowls from it. What's left in their bowls when I'm refilling in the morning goes into the watering cans -- plants prefer it "out-gassed", too .

As for this guy, well, here's to private enterprise, I guess -- though I have a hard time thinking of his product as anything but a gimmick for suckers.
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Well since I refuse to drink tap water my oldest kitty has never tasted tap water lol. I buy bottled water and that is what she and I drink lol heck I even give my plants bottled water. So if the man is smart enough to take advantage of us who OVERLY spoil their pets then good for him...Just wish it was me who was getting the money
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Tap water here is great! I drink tap water, cats drink tap water, dogs drink tap water, parrot drinks tap water.....

.....Chinchillas drink bottled spring water

(due to a Giardia outbreak in the chinnie herd - yuck! - I don't wish this on anyone!)
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I like the idea of flavored dog/cat water. It would definitely get them to drink more! I would buy it depending on what it was flavored with, but I would NOT pay $2 a bottle for it! (Unless we're talking about the BIG bottles.)

I only drink bottled water, but I give my cat filtered tap water from the fridge. I do that b/c it takes too many bottles to fill up his water bowl/fountain. My bottled water isn't spring water, it's filtered (Dasani) and it's my favorite kind. The water from the fridge isn't that different and his fountain filters it too.

I might try giving him bottled spring water, but I've never cared for the taste of it.
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