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My cat has started drooling!

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I have a cat that is about 1 yr old and I noticed tonight that there were about 3 or four wet spots on my bed, I checked them out and decided that they were definately not urine. I also noticed wet spots on one of our chairs where he was sitting and went over and checked him him, he was drooling an awful lot and I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what could be causing this, he ate a treat normally and he is playing with the kitten, so he is acting normal just drooling all over everything!
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i checked him out again and it seems like maybe his nose is running, it is like water though not snot or anything, and again he is acting completely normal. I plan to call and ask the vet in the morning, but if anyone has any advice tonight I would aprecciate it!thanks.
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No advice other than a vet visit is warranted. Have the vet check the teeth and under the tongue (he probably will anyway)
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My Bridge kitty did that once & I freaked out. You could definitely tell it was drool since her tongue was hanging out of her mouth. I rushed her to the Vet where they had to extract 3 teeth because they were so rotten.

I agree wish Hissy, sounds like a Vet check is in order. Good luck & hope your kitty is ok!
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Good luck! You don't notice any cold symptoms do you? Zero had a cold when we got him and they ended up giving us nose/eye drops along with other medecine.
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My 7-month old kitten drools when she's happy and relaxed (usually sitting on our lap)!
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Just wanted to update everyone. I took Kramer to the vet this afternoon and they found something lodged in hi top tooth way in the back, so i did not feel so bad for not finding it when i inspected it. (he was drooling by the way) Also the doctor said that the left side of his mouth was inflamed and so was the tip of his tongue, so she told me to check my extension cords, but she gave him a shot of atropine to stop the drooling and a shot of a steroid to see if that helps, if not i have to take him back in and have him checked more closely. Thnk you all for your concern and I will keep you updated.
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Wow poor baby!! Good thing you took him to the vet. I hope he feels better soon!
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you can get flexible tubing at Radio shack to cover your extension cords to stop curious kittens from frying their body parts.
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Thank you for the information HIssy I have gotten the tubing and have covered all of the cords, but when i checked them i could not find a bite mark anywhere on any of them, but i covered them just to be sure, better safe than sorry!! Also Kramer is completely back to normal and there is no more drooling!!
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hi Tarav,
i just read through this thread i am relieved that kramer is ok!!
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