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*sigh* When are people ever going to

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get it? A friend of mine (who is unemployed at the moment) went and got a "free" kitten from an ad in the paper. He told me he was going to have it 4-paw declawed as soon as he saves up the money. I blew up at him!! I tried to tell him as rationally as I could how bad declawing is and he was not listening so I developed a more urgent tone in my voice. He thought it was "funny" that I was getting so worked up! I also told him he could have spent less money by adopting a cat from a shelter that someone ELSE declawed already!

Anyway, I kept pushing my point and told him the cat could possibly become a biter or develop litterbox problems if he declaws it. He said "If the cat won't use his box, the cat goes out the door!" I really got mad then. By the end of the conversation he said "I will get a scratching post and pray about it." (Whether or not he should have the cat declawed).

This guy is a great person but CLUELESS about cats. He doesn't even particularly like them. BTW, I printed up a declawing article complete with very graphic photos
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Good for you! Keep drilling it until the gets the picture. MANY people think it's just a radivle manicure and the vetrinarians don't say otherwise cause they need the money.

Good for you, pictures really help.
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If he is a good friend he will listen to you! If he won't maybe you can speak to his family (including his daughter) about it.
I don't know, people like that should never own any animal!
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Good for you for keep drilling it into his head. I did the same to my husband, and he went with my way and didn't declaw them. He gave in to a 6 ft scratching-house-post that the kitties now happily go up and down on. Of course you don't need an elaborate 6 ft house, a sisal rope scratching hanger will do the trick. Also-you may look at other methods to keep kitty from scratching without declawing...this cat site has a store section devoted to anti-scratching ideas that don't involve applying the declaw method to your cute furry friend, and PetSmart also has some related products to help also.
Oh...if he doesn't even like cats, " why is he even considering getting one "
Good luck.
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Good luck!

I hope that he changes his mind for the kitten's sake.

And why does he need to pray about it???
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I had the same conversation with my neighbor last week. He is looking to adopt a kitten with full intent to declaw. I went thru the whole reasons why not to do it, suggested one already declawed but NO, he wants to get a young kitten and rip his toes out! He bugs me for a kitten with every litter I get from the ferals and I gave him one once 8 years ago (and didn't think to ask if he would declaw), he had it done and I won't give him any of mine ever again. They actually almost begged me for one of my hand-raised orphans earlier this year (NOT)!!!

His reasons for declawing? "It doesn't do them any harm, we won't loose any furniture and we've had all of our cats declawed with no behavioral problems". His one cat bites and the other hides in the basement all the time. Right....it does them no harm!

Sorry....just venting with ya!
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a month now. He isn't fond of cats, but got it for his 11 year-old daughter. She plays rough with Cameron and he tries to correct her, but both his kids are very bull-headed (like he is!)

The reason he thinks he has to pray about it is that he is a strong believer in God, BUT he also has strong convictions to have the poor kitten 4-paw declawed. I guess he needs God Himself to tell him not to declaw!!

The weird thing is that I have TWO 4-paw declaws. One is from a kill shelter, the other directly from the owner. The one from a kill shelter is the PERFECT cat, temperment-wise. I still see she has trouble with jumping, balancing, and her posture. You can clearly see that she seems to rock when she is standing still on her tiny, mutilated feet. It is so sad. Luckily she has a very good disposition and always uses her litterbox.

The other one is a different story. She is very dominant, moody, bites, and literally freaks out when handled around the neck & shoulder areas.

I would NEVER get a cat and then have their claws/toes removed. I saw photos of a de-claw operation and I almost threw up! I only own my two 4-paw declaws because they needed someone who understands them and can give them the special care and home they need to feel safe. I have NO dogs and NO kids. The cats have a very stress free life and I brush them so they don't have itches they cannot scratch!!

I recently adopted a fully clawed cat and intend to keep her that way. I have worked on training and have covered up the tempting recliner (it has nappy fabric) with an old quilt. It doesn't look pretty, but she leaves it alone now

I just hope "God" tells him to leave the claws IN !!
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Has he come home yet? If he did, I missed the post. If not, I will keep praying he will come home.
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Convince him to use SOFT PAWS!! He doesn't even need to use it forever. I'm starting to think that Zero doesn't even need em because he doesn't really scratch anything that he's not supposed to!
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