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I broke my 3 year granddaugther's leg!!!!!!!!

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I was pushing a shopping cart out of the store,and didn't see her stop in frount of me,and I hit the back of her leg!She fell down and her leg bent backwards.( Her dad was a couple of step's in frount of her). I feel bad!she has to wear a cast for 4 weeks.
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Awwww she's a cutie it was an accident don't blame yourself
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3,Poor baby
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AAAWWWW poor thing . Don't blame yourself for that , it was a accident . Things like that happens .
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Poor you and grandbaby! She looks like she's doing well. . .and such a cutie! Don't blame yourself. . .it was an accident.
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Awwwww Poor baby and you I know that you have to feel horrid but don't blame yourself it was an accident. Tell your beautiful granddaughter that the Sammycat and Oscar are sending her purrs and head bonks to get better real soon She is adorable!
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Poor you and baby. Don't worry, she won't blame you. If she stopped in front of you, you had no way of knowing. I know she will give you a big hug so go get it. And then forgive yourself and enjoy the season.
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Oh My Gosh! Oh Sherral...don't beat yourself up over it. Accidents happen sometimes unfortunately.

She's a cutie patootie...even with the cast!
Here's some hugs to you both!
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oh Sherral so sorry, i know you feel bad but you know it was accidental, hope she gets better soon..
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Oh Sherral, I am so sorry! She looks okay though and isnt taking it too hard.

Mega hugs to you!
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hey Sherral,

take it easy on yourself. It's only an accident...
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She looks like she's taking it all in her stride. Try to stop feeling guilty. It was an accident. There isn't any need to blame yourself for it.
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Accidents happen all the time, especially with kids. My friend's mother was watching her 4 yr old boy, (she's a wonderful and careful lady) and he tumbled from the couch arm to the ground, short distance, but he had a spiral fracture on his left leg, cast for a while too.

She is such a cutie pie, love that smile!
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ditto what they said, sherral! i can understand feeling horrible -- i would too. but it WAS an accident and i know you would break your own leg to take it back if you could.

she certainly is a doll. she is also lucky to have such a sweet gran like you!
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I wish someone would have broken my leg at some point or another... that way I could get all the girlies to sign my leg... or wait, maybe my arm would be better!
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thanks! She is lapping all the attation(sp) up!And she is fine this morning.she is getting extra hugs.
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What a cutie! :

Accidents happen . She looks like she's taking it well. Kids usually break easily but repair easily too, thank goodness.
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She's a cutie! Don't blame yourself . . . accidents happen, and everyone knows it was just an accident. It's nice she has a sweet grandma like you to take care of her!
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Awwwww dont feel bad. She's ok and you didnt do it on purpose. If you had done it on purpose that's when you should feel bad! Plus she's young I doubt she'll even remember. If she does she knows you didnt do it purposefully! *hugs*
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Ditto to what everyone else has said.

Lots of hugs to you and grandbaby , Sherral!

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Accidents happen, don't take it out on yourself, you didn't mean to. She will be better before you know it! She sure is pretty!
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Sherral, I can imagine you feel bad, you are such a warm and caring grandma (and a person in general!), but everybody knows it was an accident and nobody would ever blame you, these things can happen!
Your granddaughter is such a cutie! I´m sure she will recover fast and well!
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Awww poor sweetie! Don't kick yourself too hard. It looks like it is all much harder on you then her. Accidents happen.
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I bet you feel worse about it then she does. Little kids heal very quickly - it was an accident.
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Sherral, in years to come she will laugh about it with her friends!!! Plus she'll be really cool - i've never had a broken anything, and all my little friends at school used to think I was really boring!!!

Seriously - don't beat yourself up - accidents happen, and although you feel really bad about it, I sure nobody is blaming you.

Chin up, gives you an excuse to spoil her even more now!!!!
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