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Hi, I am Tracey, and I am a cat addict ...

I am owned by 3 black cats, they have me trained well. The youngest is just over a year, the oldest is just about 3 (we think). All "fixed", one came from the SPCA - hubby got her as the BEST 5 year anniverseray present. The two others came from local rescuses. The 3 year old we have had since about March, didn't plan on getting him, I just fell in love!

For some reason for me 1 cat is not enough, 2 is still not quite right, but 3 is just right! For many years I only had 1 cat, when he got to about 15 years old, I added a kitten. Boy, did the elder really like that (NOT). Beau, the elder, passed away in January at 17 - I still miss him.

Sorry for the disjointed introduction - I am just so excited that I found this site!

Oh, BTW: I also have 11 birds.
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Welcome to The Cat Site
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Welcome! You found a great place for info and sharing!
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Welcome to the site Tracey! I think most of us can relate to your cat-addiction. Of course, many of us are also Cat Site addicts too. LOL

I hope you enjoy your time here! I'm glad you found us too.
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Welcome Tracey
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Welcome to this site , btw most of us are addicts to cats
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Welcome Tracey Like you I have 3 cats but wow, I don't think I could have a bird (let alone 11!) as another pet! My girls would go nuts!
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Welcome! Quite a brood you've got there!

I just had to laugh, that's exactly how we got our third, Kayla, she was an 'accident'. Then I thought 3 was a good number. Weeeeelllll, four is a good number too!
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Welcome to you your kitties and your birdies!

I'm quite addicted to cats as well, and thecatsite!!!!!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site
Do you have any pics????
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welcome to you - I dont frequent the new cats bit much - am taken up with my time in the main forum - so whatever you do, dont hang about here too much - get into the main area and join in,

I love the idea of having cats and birds - almost like a fly by meal for them!!!

You are gonna love it here - I have never met such a great set of people. Its amazing that most of you lot in the US post when us in the UK are in bed etc! Always fun to get up on a morning and see you lot beavering away.

Anyway, bed time for me here - look forward to hearing more from you. You will learn that most subjects are not cat related but a lot of chat about everything. Thats what makes its so great.


Kev zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Hello and welcome to TCS to you and your family.
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Welcome to the site Tarcey You are not the only one addicted to cats as you can see. My wife and I have 8 cats, I also have 9 tarantulas I could not keep a bird in here however, not with Amber
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome
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