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Extremely Greedy Kitty.....Is this normal??????

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K guys.....we have Blossom (she is 9 months old) since September and by now she should have settled well into her routine of feeding times of morning, noon and late evening....but nope....she literally screeches and begs and meows hysterically for MORE food throughout the day and also immediately after finishing her food!! I have to feed her and Daisey separately cause Blossom is stealing Daisey's food and silly Daisey is letting her!

At first I thought it was just kinda cute that she might be just a greedy little kitty...as I know sometimes that animals just don't know when to stop eating sometimes lol.....but I'm also kinda wondering is there an underlying health reason that she is always hungry or is she simply just a GREEDY KITTY???

I will admit that I have feed her a few times on demand cause I couldn't deny either of my girls anything. But I have stopped that and she is feed at feeding times. They also have a continous supply of dried food to munch on...so I am just confused.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated guys...

Thank you

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Was she a stray? They tend to overeat when there is food around, because they don't know when the next meal will show up. Bailey was rescued in December of last year, fostered until February, when I adopted her, and she finally stopped being a greedy cat in the summer.

However, I had food available all the time, so she got over wondering where her next meal was coming from. Now we are working on losing some of that greedy cat weight gain.
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Sorry, I've never experienced that one before! Scarlett gets really demanding around 7PM each evening if we are late for her meat, but never complains afterwards. Mine only get treats in the evening, so they don't beg the rest of the day cause it won't do them any good.

The only idea that I can come up with is to perhaps show Blossom the dry food bowl when she begs for more food. I know she will probably walk away in a huff, but if done consistently enough, she might get the idea.

I wouldn't give into her demands for meat snacks between meals - she'll learn to expect it from you in the future.

Good luck!
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We actually got Blossom from a Cat Rescue Centre in September and they told us that she had come from a farm cat litter and was born rougly sometime in March...so she had been running wild for a couple of months until she was brought into the Centre and had been there until we got her in September.

My husband had said the same thing you said about not knowing were the next meal might come from...I just thought that if that was the case....she would have began to realise that there is food available all the time.
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I think that she will eventually. Do you free feed? So that there is food available literally all the time?

It took months for Bailey to learn how to walk away from a full dish. And now she is just as picky as Sam. But really, it took months and months.
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They get three meals a day...morning, noon and late evening....and in between...they can snack on as much dry food as they like. So she does know that there is food for when she wants it because of the dry food. I was just panicking incase there was a health reason that was making her cry so much in wanting so much more food.

So I guess I may just wait it out until she fully realises that each meal is not her last lol...cause o'boy can she screech when she wants something to eat!!
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So she gets wet food 3x a day, but has dry to munch on 24/7? If that's the case, I'd say that she just likes the wet food wants more of that. If she was truly hungry, she'd go for the dry food when no wet food is around.
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wow thanks guys for your replies...I guess I just have one very greedy little furr ball....I'm just glad that she didn't have something healthways wrong with her. Just never seen a cat want or demand food that much!!

Really appreciated...thx all
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If she hasn't been to the vet I would take her in, or at least take a fecal sample in to be checked for parasites. Worms can make cats very hungry and since the worms take all the protein and nutrition, the cat gets little benefit.
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