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Oh No! Funny Face was Attacked!

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Funny Face was attacked! His face is all scratched up and we need to get him to a vet - but we can't get him into the trap! We're not free feeding the ferals anymore, and he already ate earlier this morning. He's not hungry enough to go in now, though he must know he needs something because he turned up here. We have no choice but to try - though I have a feeling we won't be able to get him in until tomorrow. Fortunately his wounds aren't so bad that I'm freaking out that we probably won't get him to a vet until tomorrow, and I think that'll be OK. But please send "get in the trap for your own good" vibes Funny Face's way!
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Laurie is his face swollen at all? Any scratches near his eyes? You can bait the trap with catnip- it is an instant attractant for cats. I have had great success in using it to get those that don't want to be in the traps at all.
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~~~~~get in that trap Funny Face....it's really for your own good....really it is.....vibes~~~~~~~

Poor guy - had one with a leg injury once that took me 6 hours to trap. I did coax him out from under the porch with some food eventually, even though it wasn't his regular feeding time. I had to bait the trap, walk away and then checked on him (thru the window) every 15 minutes or so.
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Thanks, MA - I always forget that trick. He's disappeared for now. The trap's set and has catnip in some food. There's another feral that needs neutering and vet attention. We can only hope that in Funny Face's absence this boy shows today.
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Gosh Laurie...I don't know who to send out vibes to....Funny Face or to the boy who needs neutering.....would you mind if I sent vibes to both?

***Get in the trap boys. The food's enticing and just for kicks, catnip.***
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I will say a prayer for him to go into the trap
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Here's sending you all the good "get in the trap" mantra I have available...with an additional.."please do not get hurt again" for good measure.

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Funny face's face isn't so funny anymore...

Get in the trap FUNNY!
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Any luck with Funny Face? I hope he cooperated with you last night!
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Any news yet?

I hope you got one of the boys.
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No luck with anybody - we had an incident that has kept the cats away. Long story short - we had our heater break (propane), the electricy had been spotty since Saturday - and we ended up with a lot of workmen around Tuesday afternoon/evening, which kept the cats away. It got bitterly cold Tuesday night (and we were so worried about them!!!!) and our generator blew (so poor Gary stayed up all night with our oven on, heating the iron skillet and walking around the RV waving it around. But with it being 9 degrees outside, he managed to keep it above 62 degress inside!). Wednesday morning workmen showed up with a portable generator. But it was 50 amp and we're 30 amp, so all our surge protectors blew up and we had an electric fire. We, our home and our cats are all fine (we lost almost every piece of electrical equipment that was plugged in. Thank god the laptops weren't!) - but there was so much activity here yesterday the cats stayed away. Hopefully they'll turn up today - although no one has appeared yet, and a new heater is supposed to be here this afternoon, which means more strange people and vehicles will be here.

It was bitterly cold again last night, but thankfully it's not supposed to be as bad tonight.

We've got our fingers crossed.
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OMG LDG how awful . You are lucky nothing worse happens with the electric fire . How scary . I hope everything will be alright with you guys and the cats outsite .
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Poor Funny Face. I hope you are able to catch him soon.Also wishing you luck with the feral.
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I'm sorry about your bad day Laurie. I hope you catch Funnyface and the other boy soon. Keep us posted. Sam
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Hopefully the work is done ASAP and in the shortest time possible. *fingers crossed*

The cats will be in the general area. They know you give them good food and lotsa lave.
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Well, we had strange people and vehicles around through the weekend. We did keep putting food out at night, but because we wouldn't be able to check the trap we didn't put it out until today. We caught him and got him to the vet, finally!!!

Good news - he's not bad off at all. The wounds were healing well, and there were no problems anywhere but on his face, and none on or near his eyes. BUT - the bad news is - he was never neutered! And this is the same Funny Face - the ear notch is there! So I cannot begin to tell you how furious we are with the old vet. (This is the same vet that told us Flowerbelle was fine and not contagious to our other cats, when, in fact, it turned out she had lung worm, resulting in parasitic pneumonia so bad that she was potentially just a few days away from death. All they had to do then was a fecal smear before they sent her home with us - and we demand X-rays of all our cats, so obviously they didn't do that either!!!!!). Anyway, we're not even sure what to do about this. But this throws into question ALL the neuters, so we have to go back and retrap all the ferals we relocated to the barns.

What I can't believe is that there hasn't been more fighting, and that we never smelled any territory marking. This also calls into question all the vaccinations - which doesn't really matter because they've all been revaccinated again this year - but what the heck did we pay for?

We are FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh - forgot to say - he's neutered now. He's doing great, and he's going to stay in boarding a few days while we find out if the potential new mom is going to take him. Keep your fingers crossed!

Just two more new ferals to go (so far....) - and, of course, all the others relocated to the barns.....
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OMG Laurie! What a hassle I'm so sorry!

Glad Funny face is fixed! Good luck with the rest!
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I cant believe that a vet don't know if he neuter a cat or not . I am just ticked about that , what a *#%***# . I better not say taht in words . Do you think you can ask for you money back ? That really would be nice , yes ? But how to prove that he messed up is the question .

Well I am glad he is doing good and is finaly fixed . I hope he will have a home and it will work out with him .
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Hi Hedi. We TOTALLY agree with you!!!! (And no, we're not allowed to use most of those words on TCS, LOL!)

We're not sure what we're going to do. It's really unconscionable though. I think we're going to trap the barn cats to see how many were neutered (they're all male) before we decide what to do. Of course the money is an issue - but charging for services that weren't performed when it comes to their ability to procreate, for us, is more the issue. I think it's potentially an issue for the SPCA and not just the Better Business Bureau, and we may pursue ALL of these things. And more - if anyone else comes up with more ideas.
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Oh - and to "prove" it is easy. I'm going to call the first vet tomorrow and ask for Funny Face's records. We may have someone adopting him, and that's the truth. Then - if it shows a neuter (which it should!!!!), it's simply a matter of the new vet indicating this cat wasn't neutered. But he was ear-notched, which is how we show it's the same cat. There were no other grey and white males.
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If you only just could check all the others behind to see if they were done would be great . But since they are feral it make things worse . But would there be a way to look after traping them again ? If they are not fixed maybe you just want to bring them back to the same vet who was suposed to fix them and let them neuter this time for sure . But now you would not have to pay . But I don't know if you like to go this roude or not .
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OMG.I would be soooo ticked off.I'm glad he is neutered now though and is doing good.
I hope you are able to somehow get your money back on the first "neuter".
Crossing fingers hoping that all the other cats are really neutered.
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WHAT??? He wasn't neutered??? I'd be EXTREMELY angry. Actually I'm angry now to hear of it....*breathing*....

Is there a Vet Board that oversees vet practices over there in USA? I know there's one in Australia. I know one lady complained to the Australian Vet Board, (I don't know the name), because her future male stud who went in for a minor operation was neutered at the same time. She wasn't impressed.

If you have one, I'd slowly build up a case first, not just Funny Face, but with all the ferals you've ever taken to him. You never know, some of them may actually have had the prcedures done!

But it's good to hear that Funny Face is doing well. I hope he copes with a real neuter job!
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Well, I called the old vet today and asked for the records for Funny Face, Attila, and Shadow. Thought I'd just start there. They couldn't find them!!!!! They have no records for those cats!!!!!!!!!! I asked Tracy if they had records for any of the other ferals we'd brought in - and after poking around for a few minutes, she said she couldn't find anything. "How strange!" she says (!). She does remember our bringing in "all those cats in traps." No #@%*! We honestly don't know what to do - and will probably just retrap everyone, and if they haven't been neutered, we'll take them to the new vet. We spoke to the owner of New Vet, and he says that unless we had pics of the cats and copies of the paperwork they should have given us at the time, there's really nothing to do. Of course, I have a million pics of the indoor cats - but we never remember to take pics of the cats in traps. Forgot the camera yesterday to take a pic of Funny Face! Anyway, he says it would have to go before the NJ Vet Association, and that without that documentation, they'll never believe us over the vet. So I guess we have no choice but to just move along. This is really mind-blowing though.

Guess I've got new advice to add to my repertoire of advice.

When you trap a cat, take a pic. When you have them neutered or spayed and vaccinated, even though you're returning them to where you trapped them, take the paperwork with you and do not count on the vet to have it for you.

I guess one would expect to do this - it sounds almost obvious. But who knew this vet was pulling one over on us? They were all so nice and seemed so dedicated......
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OMG that make me really . I think I better not say something right now , I am just to
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That stinks! >_<

I'm going to keep my mouth shut to prevent some rather nasty words to spill over.

Though would Tracy be willing to say anything if approached? Or even try a different tact. Ask for a document saying that This cat has been blah blah and I gave treatment blah blah signed by the vet since the prospective adopter wants to see some sort of paper work before going ahead.

I thought it was standard to get certification of sterilisation.
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Hmmmm , did you pay for the neuter/spay for all the ferals ??? If yes , you should have a statement from the vet what you payed for . If you have kept it of course . I do keep all mine now , so I can see what was done and for who or it was done for . I guess my own personal records for my babies .
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You know, I'm embarassed to admit this, but.... we have all the paperwork for our inside cats, and we gave the paperwork to the adoptive parents of all the kitties we've adopted out... but the way we handled the ferals was different. First of all, please bear in mind we were new to this, and didn't have the first ferals brought in ear-notched. We've certainly learned along the way, but what we did was just start a "fund" at the vet. They basically held a credit on our account, and we'd simply drop off the traps, and one of the vet techs would come out and take the cat in the trap. Either one of the receptionists would call us the next day or we'd call them to find out how the cat was doing. They would keep females for a few days to a week (dependent upon weather) and used dissolvable stitches on them. The males would stay a day or two, dependent upon their health. The vet had standing instructions to first test for FIV, FeLV. Thankfully, none were positive. Then instructions were to spay or neuter, vaccinate, deworm, and provide any other medical attention necessary. (Actually, all of the cats were supposedly in good health, and none that we trapped looked sick). We did not take the paperwork with us when we picked up the cats to return them outdoors - our thinking was that if we ever needed it, they'd print it out and fax it to us. And if the fund was depleted, they'd call to let us know, and we'd have them put more on the card. (We helped pay for spay/neuters of other ferals, not just the ones we brought in, and they did contact us with ferals and strays others dropped off, and we'd help find homes or places for those cats and kittens).

Remember - we live in an RV, and we work from home a lot, so space is a major issue for us. I'm not making an excuse here, because obviously now I feel like we were completely irresponsible, but just explaining our logic at the time. They weren't charging us for the boarding, etc., and we thought they were being so great with us.

But after a few problems here and there, we began to doubt their "thoroughness." And then the incident with Flowerbelle...and we were seeing red. But even then it never occured to us to check up on the prior work with the ferals.

Anway, we've kept tabs on the ferals we relocated to the barns, and they are on a feeding schedule (twice a day). So trapping the barn cats shouldn't be too difficult. And there's only the five of them. The rest we had neutered? Unless they start turning up around here as the weather gets progressively worse, there's nothing to do.

So until we know what's up with at least the barn cats, we'll decide what to do based on that. We can only hope that this wasn't some complete scam on the part of the vet, and that somehow something just screwed up with Funny Face.
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Oh no , I did not want you to feel bad . I am so sorry thats not how I ment it at all .
I also just started of the beginning of this year to keep all the statements from the vet . I realiced sometimes it is good what medication was given to my cat and how it worked out and so on . I used to through them all away . Now I wish I kept them .
I think that vet soundet very good how he was a great help to the ferals and yes if you really did not need them papers why stock more stuff up in a RV . It is small in there as it is . I would have not done it myself , due to space . Maybe funny face was just a mistake and all the others are all spay/neuter . I have my hopes up for that . Maybe it was not even the vets fould . Don't a vettech usually get the animals in the operating room ? So he may have bin just forgotten somehow to get neuter , things like that can happen and we are all only human .

And again I am sorry that I have absad you
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