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Is it inevitable that she'll resent me for the spay?

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I am going to get Reggae spayed within the next couple of months. I'm going to try to wait until she's a little older. But my question is, Is she going to hate me for it? I don't want her to turn on me b/c of this spay. Is there anything I can do to make this procedure any easier on her when she's back home recovering? I was thinking of taking a few days off from work to be there with her. What do you think?
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OOOOPPPPSSSS! sorry, this was supposed to be it's very own thread.
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I split it for you.
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None of my cats has ever held a grudge against me for having them spayed. If anything, they think of me as their rescuer for taking them out of the vet's office!

There's no need to take off work. You will find that your cat will act no differently after the spay than before (though she may not jump around as much for the first few days).
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My cats are happier and healthier long term from the spay. She will be happy to see you when you pick her up, and I don't stay home with them the day after. If you have other cats, you might keep her separated for the first day, but only if the other cats play hard with her. She shouldn't do anything too strenuous at first because of her stitches.
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My two boys are nuetered and they are still the sweet kitties they were before. I wouldn't worry about it. She'll hate the vet, not you! If you want to be home with her, see if you can have the surgery done just before the weekend (or whatever your days off normally are)
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I don't think you have anything to worry about....cats bounce back amazingly from getting spayed and she certainly will not hold it against you. When I brought Daisey back from the vet...she was so disorientated....I actually had harrassed the vet lol into letting me collect her a few hours earlier than normal...as I didn't really want Daisey wakening up and not seeing me..as she is very very clingy. They let me and I brought her home and as still drugged as she was she still insisted in trying to follow me about the appartment....so obviously no grudges there.

The only people I find my cats to hold grudges against is the people at the vets hehe!!!
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I had my kittens neutered and spayed yesterday. I know what you are saying, but I can say that I think everything will be fine.

I picked them up from the vet around 5:30 ish. when we got home, I let them out of the carrier and they both came out right away. My little girl, Ruby, surprised me when she chose to go downstairs to use the litter box, rather than the one just a room away from where I let her out! She came right back upstairs, walked around for a bit, and then lay down to sleep--which she did for about 5 hours! She was really tired out. It was close to midnight when she woke up, ate a little bit, and then was walking around the living room. She did jump up on the cat tree once, but for the most part she is limiting her own activity. She does seem to be trying to lick her belly quite a bit, but the incision looks OK to me (she doesn't have external sutures). Personality wise, she seems to be herself. Right now her activity level is different--but it's better than I thought it would be!

My little boy, on the other hand, seems like his usual self already.

I understand that you feel bad about having to do it, but you really have to! She will be fine. I am glad that it's over, though, really glad.

BTW-- I am at work today. There didn't seem to be any reason to stay home. Our kittens usually sleep a lot during the day, so I figure that she's getting some needed rest. She'll be ready for us when we get home!
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After Cindy and Lucy were spayed, they constantly licked their stitches. Both kittens had regular sutures that had to be removed in 10-14 days.

I would recommend the kittens staying at the vet's office as long as possible after the spays. Cindy and Lucy did not lick their stitches there, but did so when they arrived home, and I had to resort to some awful bitter apple spray (recommended) to prevent them from continuous licking. Poor Lucy looked so thin from fasting for the spaying and for upchucking her food from the bitter apple. If you use bitter apple, lime, orange, or whatever, please don't be so generous with the spray!

After 14 days, I took the kittens in to have their stitches removed. The stitches were snipped in no time at all (it took no longer than 10 minutes!). They got their rabies shots when spayed, too.

Now I have to look forward to Punky.
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I've always had my pets neutered (cats and dogs), and never had a problem with them resenting me. For a female, a spay is a pretty major surgery (it's less invasive for a male), so she will most likely need a place to be able to sleep and be calm for a day or two while she recovers.

The only resentment I have ever heard of with a neutering is with the vet, where the pet doesn't want to go there anymore. I don't know about you, but my cats have never liked going to the vet anyway.
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I agree, my female was so happy that I was rescuing her from the vet! She purred all the way home.
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No changes in my little girl either. When she got home from the vet's she was tired, so she slept for a few hours, but when she woke up she was back to her spunky self.
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She will be happy that you had her spayed. She won't have to be bothered with constantly going into heat.
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When we had Axl done the only difference in his behaviour was positive. He stopped fighting and stayed home a lot more, he generally became more of a cuddle cat. I know it's not quite the same cos he's a little boy but Jeepers will be getting done as well, we're off to see the vet after christmas! She's a house cat so we don't have to worry about pregnancy, but better to be safe than sorry.
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I have had all of my animals fixed except 1. It was so long ago, I don't remember why but I had a dog who had puppies. But no more. I would not have an animal who wasn't fixed and the younger the better.

The only ones who don't should be reputable breeders. They are the ones who know how to do it for advancement of the breed.

Case in point, my granddaughter got a kitten the same time I did but she didn't get her fixed. She is now pregnant. "She didn't have the money." Bull s$$t. You find a way. Sorry, I am a little nuts on this subject.
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I too was afraid that Penny would resent me or have a sour change of personality post-spay. Neither happened. She is just as loving as before ...In fact she seems a tiny bit more mature or maybe that's just my imagination
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