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Not much new with the crazy rush before the holidays...

One new action photo...Tiki is crazy for chasing us and our other cat around in mad dashes around the apartment. I haven't been able to get her eventual bounces, jumps and somersaults on film (she's too quick and unpredictable - she'll literally bounce off of the walls), but every now and then I can get her running.

She also has this funny thing where, whenever she's excited, she gets a straight, erect tail. You can see it a bit in this picture...

And no catnapping!!! I'm going to have to enroll her in a kitty protection program and get her a bodyguard.

(Actually, technically, she already has one....)

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Originally posted by Scott77777
If money weren't an problem (if you had $1000 to spend) ...I'd suggest getting into a 35mm digital or non-digital SLR. But if that isn't an option, the Canon G-series will give you some of the better point-and-shoot options, like the ability to use an external flash, macro filters, etc...
I have never had a digital camera, so ano of those would be something better than I have , but since I´m getting a digital camera anyway, I´m sure I´m gonna want to experiment and be able to grow in my photography. I really like the G series, and beeing an older model, G3 might be less expensive, but otherwise the same (except for the 4 and 5 mp).

Digital cameras are extremely expensive here, the G5 costs about $1500, but we are gonna try to find our way around that, perhaps with someone passing through the US. We have seen G5 on ebay with all sorts of extra package, but somewhere you said that was not something to relay on?

And finally, taking the chance of sounding really stupid...what are 35mm digital SLR?

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Ahhhh, I didn't see you're in Iceland.

A 35mm digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) is like a traditional film camera where you can remove the lens, use an external (separate) flash, etc... The opposite of a point-and-shoot "instant" camera. The difference is that it's digital. They're expensive though - when they first came out, they were around $20,000 in the mid-90s. Now there are some that are in the $1,000-$2,000 range.

I would **not** buy off eBay. There are tons of scams on electronic equipment, **especially** digital cameras. If you do buy via eBay, find a seller with a heavily established reputation (like 500-1000 feedback or more). It's better to buy from a store that has a return policy, warranty guarantee, etc... I've already had to return cameras that had problems - on such an expensive item, it's good to have those assurances. Also, the extra package tends to be a bunch of cheap items they throw in to make the main item more attractive.

eBay is notorious for digital camera scams, so watch out. I would try to find a friend that is traveling to the U.S. who will buy you the item in New York at a place like B&H - or somewhere local to you that provides an international warranty.
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Thank you very much for all your informations Scott, they really helped!
Just one more question... Do you which the difference between the G3 and G5 is?
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I believe one of the main differences is the pixel count, but there are two in-depth reviews on the DPReview site.

If you read both, you'll see a comparison between the G2, G3 and G5. Of course, you can skip around to things like image comparison and the conclusion if you just want a summary. They say more than I could in this thread and provide examples.



Phil Askey also compares the G5 to other leading cameras, with highlights of the winning features of each, here:

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A little playing on the cat tower tonight:

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That last pic is so cute
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Scott, thank you so much for you help!

This last photo is amazing, there is a lot of action and play there. It is so crystal clear (as your other photos), which camera did you use on this one?
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It was shot with a Nikon D1X digital SLR. Tiki's fur got a little blown-out, but Lexington (aka "Kiddan") was in heavy shadow, so I had to split the difference on flash power or Kiddan would have been too dark....

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Some visitors...

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That squirrl must feel lucky that there is that glass protecting him
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Re: Squirrel. Yeah, there were actually three of them. Two are on the bird feeder, which you can't see in the picture (where Tiki has her attention)...the third just sat and watched me take pictures.


And the favorite perch...Tiki loves to be cuddled and she'll insist on being picked up. When she's on my chest, she'll go right to sleep. (Not me pictured, of course)

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Great photo's. What is the other cat's name?
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His formal name is "Lexington" but we call him "Kiddan."

Sometimes it gets confusing, since Tiki is a kitten, but "Kiddan" is an adult, so I use Lexington to keep things clear...
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I can see my cats going crazy over the sqirrels I am sure your cats would love to get one of those for lunch .

Scott like always , great pictures . Keep them comming
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Before you mentioned it, I could tell you were an expert at photography. Those are great shots, love the pink blankey shots
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I don't know why I didn't see these pics before, but Tiki is so beautiful!

Is that a T-Mobile Sidekick I see next to the computer? We are thinking of getting one.
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Hi! Any new pics of Tiki & Kiddan? I need my fix..
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One of the publishers I'm working with is doing a book on cats and I've been asked to supply photos.....sooooooo....Tiki and Kiddan might be international superstars! Since the images are needed for the book, I can't post them.

Here's Tiki's favorite new hideout, though:

Don't ask me how she gets up and down -- BIG jumps. She's always looking for new places to explore.
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Thanks for replying so quickly!! CONGRATS about supplying pics of ur two gorgeous cats for a book! Yeah, u might have to start charging for paw autographs soon. So u can't share ANY more pics? Not even ONE? Wow... Be sure to tell us the author's name, the title of the book and when it will come out so we can buy it just to look at ur pics..

I KNOW what u mean about cats getting to HIGH places!! My cats LIKE to be on something HIGH like refrigators, curtain rods, etc.. Here's a link to a thread I had posted with pics of my cats in HIGH places..http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ghlight=pamela

PLS let us know when u can start posting pics of Tiki & Kiddan again. Sniff.. Sniff.. I think I'm going thru withdrawal! Also, I'll have to tell my two boys that they cannot see any new pics of Tiki.. Sigh..

Congratulations though!! IT shows how TALENTED u are with ur camera(s)..
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Your kitty is so cute,Great pictures you are a natural.... Not to be nosy. May I ask what happen to your baby?
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Very funny cats, Pamela...

Oava -

She is a feral kitten that was outside for many weeks before we found her. She was very sick. She had feline herpesvirus, a chronic respiratory infection and/or some sort of eye ulcer. When we first started seeing her, she would run behind her mother, sneezing. She was the runt of the litter.

One day I came outside during the summer and she was in the parking lot, dehydrated and apparently dying. It was a VERY hot day. We thought we'd have to put her to sleep -- thinking she was too sick or would be blind from the eye infections -- but the veterinarian was able to clean her up and after a few weeks of medication, she was much better. The eye ulcer actually looked worse before it looked better, but my mother, girlfriend and I took turns taking care of her.

Now she's the best cat ever and my little favorite.
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She is so lucky you came into her life that day. She is such a cutie...She is also great cat to take pictures of. Thank you for telling me about your baby....
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The BIG Jump

Bored On A Snowy Day

(incidentally, that abandoned shack behind the complex is home to many of our ferals, some raccoons, and orginally, Tiki).
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AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!! Adorable pics! THANKS! I got my fix of Tiki.. Now let's see how long I can go with this fix..
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I can't believe I missed this thread! Awesome pictures! Tiki is a beautiful kitty, thank you for rescuing her.
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Great picks like always But that jump pic is awsome .
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Wow in mid jump! what a fantastic pic!
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She's a little daredevil.

She even did it without a net!!!
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"Are you seeing this???!!!!!"

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