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I wonder if she knows how gorgeous she is??
I think she knows....

Some more for today...

(I know cute cat pics are popular - please no forwarding or usage without permission)

"Can we sleep late??? I'm not ready to dig snow..."

"As you can see, I'm pretty tired..."

"How about we sleep until noon, then some TV, then laundry?"

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Aw I love her. So cute. Give her kisses for me
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Tiki is such a beautiful cat and your photos are amazing!
Thank you for sharing them with us.
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You know Scott you're a fantastic photographer, but I have to give some of the credit to her ladyship, Ms Tiki as well. She seems to have been born for the camera. She seems to just KNOW how to pose to look her best. Have you ever thought about putting her in Show Biz? I swear she is the most adorable and most photogenic cat I've ever seen. Is it possible to take a bad picture of her? ]

You really need to build a website for her, with hundreds of thousands of pictures of her. I just can't get enough of her. She is just precious.
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LOL. Yeah, she knows how to play cute to get some of Daddy's attention. She's the funniest. She falls asleep in her little cat tower, but when I wake up, she's always curled up under my nose.

She certainly gets her share of attention and responds with heapfuls of cuteness.

It's a bit of a cycle....

It's funny - if we go to the vet and give our name, there's little recognition. When I say, "you know, Tiki...," then they say, "OOOOOHHHHH!!!! TIKI!!!! How is our darling???!!!"

For having a tough beginning, she's a superstar!

She is the best, though - never cries in the car, never complains at the vet, puts herself to bed when she's tired. Always ready with a face rub and some loving....
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(need I say more?)

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She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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She is absolutely adorable. I love calicos and tortis and this girl definitely is star material. I love the last few pics (actually I love them all). The first yawn pic reminded me of an opera star belting one out and the next yawn made me yawn. The power of pictures. And the last one looked like a commercial.

You do great work. Please keep them coming!
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Now we have a opera cat here singing

Great pics of her , I think I am in
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Miss Tiki has stolen my heart(ssshhhhhh....please don't tell my boys) Once again I am in awe of your work I know of only one other photographer that can compare his work to yours and it's not me of course. Give Tiki some tummy rubs from me
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I agree, you have a great knack for great quality photo taking! and the Q.T. cats make it even more enjoyable!
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I love the Brakes one! such great pics again! I want to see a Tiki website too! She is so special and enjoyable to see! You have started a Tiki obbsession with all of us!
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Scott - Your photography is stunning!! OMG what beautiful shots. I read your story and the first thing that came to mind was, "Scott, you are an angel." Tiki looks fantastic!

Again, I just LVE the pictures - keep em' coming if you can!!

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Here's a shot tonight of Tiki...

She loves to nest - she's very good about putting herself to bed, and she loves digging herself underneath the covers.

She was sleeping, but once she sees me rattling around with the camera, she checks me out like she's a meerkat or something...

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Your photography is great! I want your camara....or Tiki!!
Keep up the great photography and taking care of your cats. I agree you need a website and can get a free one though yahoo geocities(www.geocities.com). I created mine and havnt had any problems. Just a thought cause I know it's alot of work to do good photography and a website is alot of work too. Atleast my website is. Good luck with your kitties!!
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No matter what pics you show of Tiki she is always cute and beautiful
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Hello!! I need a fix of Tiki.. Any new pics??? PRETTY PLS? Grin..
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I don't care if I look foolish...this blue mouse is dead meat!

The one below is me posting photos in a forum after we first got Tiki back to health. Some friends on that forums kindly donated some money toward the vet bills for the whole group of four (at that time, feral and sick) kittens we were taking care off ($200 toward our $700+ in vet bills). So I posted to show how much better they had gotten as a result of their help. As you can see, Tiki is oblivious to her fame and good fortune...

Who likes bags? I do!!!

A younger Tiki, playing on the cat tower next to her favorite ribbon.

Tiki and Lexington (aka "Kiddan") in one of the few moments where they're **not** wrestling.

Errrrrrr....what are we looking at?

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How old is the beautiful Tiki? She still looks pretty young to me. I'd say she looks about the same age as my Simba (who is 7 months old).
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OMG no need to say more .

Well Scott I spend over $ 600.00 dollars for Ginger , it is a lot of money I know . But our babies are worth it
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I think she's about the same age - 7 months.
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Great pics! I love her coloring. She looks a lot like a cat we used to have. She must have a lot of personality.
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She's a sweet calico!
I love the one where Tiki and Lexington are looking out the window!
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I coming in for my Tiki fix!
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Scot, your girls a so gorgious! You have done such a great job with her. I haven´t seen the whole thread yet, my computer is feeling slow today...

I wanted to ask you about cameras, we really want a digital one, but cant decide which one.

Do you know anything about Fuji cameras?
Somehow, we really like Canon ones though, without knowing anything about cameras...

Recently we have been looking at Canon G5, Canon A80 and Canon ixus 400, can you recomend any of those rather than any other of those?

Or would you recomend something totally different?

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They're different cameras for different needs. The most robust camera will be the G5, which is a "prosumer" camera capable of many manual controls and add-ons. The others fall into the "point-and-shoot" category, so you don't have much control over the final output.

If you're someone that wants it "easy" and "basic," the last two Canon cameras should be considered. If you're someone willing to play with your settings to get a higher-quality photo, I'd go with the G5.

See this thread as well:

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Thanx for you answers Scott!

I also looked at the other thread.

I have always has "instant" cameras, that all you have to do is press the red buttun, but I have alway wanted to buy myself a "real" camera. I would like to be able to take good photos of landscape, cats, flowers, and of my son.
I dont know alot about how to manually take a good photo, but I really want to learn and experiment.

Knowing that, can you recomend the perfect solution?

Thanx again
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Well, if you're looking to grow, I would get the G5. The other cameras will be the same as what you've already had.

I haven't owned many of these cameras (I have a digital SLR and I've had the Canon G-series - G1, G2, G3) so it's hard for me to comment on cameras I haven't owned. I wouldn't want to recommend something without having personal experience with it.

That said, the G5 will give you the most options of the ones you've mentioned, and will have the most "prosumer" features. The others will continue in your vein of point-and-shoots.

If money weren't an problem (if you had $1000 to spend) ...I'd suggest getting into a 35mm digital or non-digital SLR. But if that isn't an option, the Canon G-series will give you some of the better point-and-shoot options, like the ability to use an external flash, macro filters, etc...

As with all thing, the higher the quality, the more it costs, so it's a matter of finding the right solution for both your needs and your budget.
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Scott! I need my fix of Tiki! I think I am going through withdrawal now.. Any new pics to share? Pretty PLLEEASSEEEE?? My two boys Spike and Buddy are plotting ways of kidnapping Tiki since they have fallen in LOVE with Tiki..
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