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That was her plastic cone, after her spaying.

She had one as a kitten for her eye ulcer, but since no standard cones would fit her, they had to make one out of X-ray film:

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Beautiful photos, you could do the "Tiki 2004 Calendar" with them. How old is she now? She looks like a very happy, loved kitty.
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Totally addicted to that little fur ball now. You can't cut off my pictures of her!!!
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Originally posted by Scott77777
That was her plastic cone, after her spaying.
Very cool makeshift cone! The cone is aka 'lampshade', aka e-collar, aka torture device. Also had one on Pixie after her spay, she was the only one trying to bite her wound.....it barely fit on her, she was so tiny.
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She's about six months I believe.


The back story is that she was a feral kitten. Our apartment complex has been full of feral cats. At first there was a lot of talk, "they're wild, there's nothing you can do." I used to come out at night and keep tabs on them...look for them, try and make sure they were OK. Their mother would escort the kittens to food at night.

One day we saw Tiki -- clearly the runt of the litter -- stumbling behind her mother in the parking lot and sneezing from an upper respiratory infection. She was probably three to four weeks old. You couldn't really approach them, so there wasn't much to do. They stayed on top of an abandoned building behind our complex.

Well, a few days later I came outside and saw her under the wheel of a car. I wasn't close, but I didn't want her to get run over. So I went up to move her, and my girlfriend and I talked about whether she'd be OK. (i.e., "they're feral and she'll move if someone comes out," etc...). I hesitated, assuming she'd just run anyway if someone came out, but my girlfriend reinforced my concern and suggested I try to move her or shoo her away from the car.

Well, I went over to her and saw that she was in REALLY bad shape. Much worse than what I could see from far away. Ants all over. Her eye was sealed shut. She was basically lying on her side on the pavement in 95-degree heat. Her mother was nowhere to be found - probably abandoned her or she couldn't keep up.

I went back inside and got a towel. Suprisingly, when I threw it on top of her, she tried to run (I never would have credited her with that much energy). There is a section of two fences between our complex and another one, and she went straight for it. If she made it between the two fences, which are full of roots, pipes and weeds, I'd never get her.

So I literally jumped on top of her.

Well, I found I had a very sick kitten. So sick, that I was terrified to go near her, because I thought I'd infect our cat. We thought we'd have to put her to sleep. We had a bit of an emotional moment when I said, "You know what? If Snowball survived, this cat will survive, too." Snowball was a childhood cat that I had who was run over by a bunch of cars as a tiny kitten while she sat in the middle of the road with her eyes sealed shut. She wasn't hit, but she was in sorry shape. So I invoked the survival of Snowball for Tiki. Maybe by posting these pictures, someone will invoke the story of Tiki to save (and have hope for) another cat.

We called around and no one would take her in a timely way. My girlfriend got very sad and upset at how difficult it was to find someone who would take a feral kitten (it was a Friday, everyone was booked, and they don't want to get stuck with a sick kitten during kitten season). We were able to get an appointment with our vet and after some meds and a few weeks of TLC, Tiki was on her way back to health. She's the best.

This picture was from those original days - if I remember correctly, this was AFTER she spent a day or two at the vet...after she had been cleaned up.

So you can guess what she looked like before.

That brought us to her older siblings, seen in this thread:


As you can see, they also had eye infections...my girlfriend and I cared for these three kittens while my mother took over with Tiki. If there's any credit to be given for her recovery, it was certainly a team effort and my girlfriend and mother deserve a lot of thanks. (And Tiki the wonder cat).

The moral of the story is that you should never hesitate to help an animal - or to think you can help, if that's your instinct. Even if you think "they'll be OK." If your gut has you concerned, act on it.

Tiki has given us about 100x what we've given her in return.
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Originally posted by Scott77777
Brocken -

Most of my shots are with a D1X, though I do shoot with various Canon point-and-shoots.

Whenever possible, I try to bounce my flash off of the ceiling to soften the light (creating a big white diffuser from the ceiling) or I try to use natural light and keep the camera steady.
Thanks for the info. I use the Canon S400 as a pocket camera, and I have the old Canon D30 plus some basic lenses for projects. Usually, I would rather push ISO up to 400 or 1600 and get noisy shots than use flash.

I've bookmarked this thread to reference your posts as good tips on pet photography. Look forward to more of your shots.

P.S. Is that a Longhorns cap the young lady is wearing in the "Snugglebug" shot?
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That is a great story. You can see why she loves you so much.
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Scott, that is an awesome thing you did for those kittens! I also went through a similar thing with my Roxy, the vet didn't think she would survive, but luckily he was wrong!
(she is an amazing happy healthy torti now!)

Thanks for all the camera info!

and I especially like the picture of you and Tiki, something about men with kittens is just so darn cute!

keep up the amazing job and talent! more pics more pics!!!
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Well, I've gotten her to flush the toilet, now if I can just get her to put the seat up before she pees....

(Shot with a Canon S230 point-and-shoot, flash off, holding it very still to compensate for the long shutter speed. Light was through a frosted glass bathroom window)
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Re: Longhorns....hmmmm...yes, it might be, though we're New Yorkers....hmmmm...I'll have to ask.
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I have a soft spot for calico's and Tiki has stolen my !! I doubt you could even take a bad pick of Tiki. Every pic I see of her, I just want to cuddle her!

Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos. Maybe one day I'll have 1/3 of your talent!

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Scott you all did a great job saving her , tears run down my checks reading her story again . And look at her now , what a beauty she is . I love calico and torties , they are my favored well and red and all the other colors lol . Thanks for sharing pics and the story of her again with us .
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Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful girl!

Keep them coming'
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Originally posted by brocken

P.S. Is that a Longhorns cap the young lady is wearing in the "Snugglebug" shot?
Could it be a Tennessee Vols Cap?
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More pics! Pls! More pics!
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I want some more pictures too. Bring it on!!!!

You don't want an angry mob of cat lovers after you, do you???
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She is just sooooo cute!!!!

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Some more of Tiki...

My poor little girl.... and a little more of the eye progress...

Growing up...

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I just can't get over what a beautiful, adorable little girl she is. You know seeing her when she was so sick, I don't think I would have ever guessed she'd be as beautiful as she is. She also now looks like a little lady who's never known anything but the life of luxery. You have done an amazing job with her.
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She's stunning and an obvious credit to all of your hard work.
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She is a beautiful kitty.Keep up the great work you do with all the feral kitties.
I need to hire ya too to come take pics of my crew.
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy
Could it be a Tennessee Vols Cap?
I live in TN & that's what it looks like to me.
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Whoa!!??? Did you see that???!!!


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The official response from my girlfriend is "Tenessee Vols!" (she worked in a hat store in college)

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Awesome Shots! Love that first one "Whoa!!??? Did you see that???!!!" you just posted
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LOVED those pics! Keep them coming!! It helped me lots today cuz I'm stuck in my apt with 5 grumpy cats (4 are grumpy cuz I still have the foster cat) and it has been snowing all morning so I can't get out to do anything. SO THANKS for the laughs 8999999999999997888888888888888888888 (that was from Taz-the foster cat- from walking on the keyboard, guess he's thanking u also for making me laugh!)
Looking forward to more pics of ur 2 gorgeous cats!!
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I love all the new pics, especially "Whoa!!??? Did you see that???!!!"
! What a sweet story, and my, how she has recovered and blossomed under your care.

Awwww, Pamela, *HUG* sorry, *Stop Snowing!!!*
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Oh Scott how cute , the last 2 pics are to adorable
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I LOVE BRAKES!!!!! I wonder if she knows how gorgeous she is?? Tiki you're a star!

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What a pretty kitty Tiki is!
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