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aaawwww how cute
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Love your photos, as always! This time I especially loved the one where Tiki is streching to see the squirrels, and the one where Tiki is jumping up on the case. My girls also live like that, close to the ceeling, it´s amazing to see them jump, evem more amazing to have a photo of them in action!
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I haven't really been able to post much, because some of the images might be used in a book, but here's a nice portrait of Tiki...

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She is so beautyful! Seeing you photos, makes me want to run to the store and buy that G5 I want so badly, or even fly to the US to buy it (that would cost less, even with the airfares ) and start taking photos. I really cant wait to try to master the art of taking good "real" photos!
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AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's an EXCELLENT pic of TIKI!!! Makes me want to pet, cuddle and kiss her!!! My boys are feeling the same way. HEH! Good thing they're fixed so they can't get too lovey dovey whenever they see a pic of Tiki!!

LOVE how u can see some kind of images reflected in her eyes. Am still trying to figure out WHAT exactly the reflection is of... Any hints??

By the way, what kind of book is this person doing? I understand about confidentiality but could you say what the purpose of the book is about? Health of cats? History of cats? What?
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The book is actually a children's book.

To get reflections in the eyes, I think you would need to have a camera that doesn't flash directly at the subject. I usually bounce my flash off of the ceiling or another white surface to soften it. It also helps to be in a semi-dark room, so their pupils are dialated (and black, therefore, more reflective). You'd probably have a tough time duplicating the effect with a standard point-and-shoot camera, unfortunately, because the flash is so direct.
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You know as I look at Tiki's beautiful clear eyes, it's just amazing to see those pictures of her as a kitten when her eyes were so badly infected. It's just amazing that it didn't damage her eyes. She looks just like a cat who has never known anything but a wonderful cushy life. It's hard to believe she was a feral, and a sick one at that.

Scott you have done a remarkable job with her, and now she's a beautiful star in a book. Her beauty is a credit to not only her own genetics, but to your wonderful care of her.
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Yeah, when I look at the early pictures like this one, it makes me kind of get teary-eyed. It sounds kind of silly and sappy, but you know - you've got this innocent, sweet creature; can't do anything for itself; you think you're going to have to take responsibility for putting it to sleep.

I'm very happy things turned out the way they did.

Even the vet expresses astonishment every time he sees her. She's the trooper of all troopers, I think.

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Tiki is such a beautiful cat.

It is amazing how much she healed.
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