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me and my BF have taken in stray 3-4 month old kitten that he found on a job site, the poor thing is sweet as can be, but the problem is we also have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, the one JRT is fine with the new addition, the other one seems to hate the kitten with a passion.
They are seperated with the new kitten in a spare bedroom, but hte poor thing wants to come out and explore, but the dog will not have it, he barks, howls whines and god forbid he sees her out of her room, the dog tries to attack. Any suggestions on how I can make these two live in peace.

I have another kitty and the dogs are great with him, they snuggle and lick eachother, best buddies.
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I have no experience introducing different species to each other . I will PM someone who might be able to help. I'm so sorry!
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I think there was a thread some where that those dogs are not good with cats , but I can be wrong now . I hope some one can help you in here soon .
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yeah, JRT's are not usually very good with kitties. But I thought because he is great with our existing cat, a new one would not be a problem. I SO want to keep the new kitty, but I certainly don't want to endanger her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I introduced 2 greyhounds to my cats. Greyhounds are notorious for going after cats and I had no issues with them in the long run.

First, do NOT let your terrier loose with the kitten. He can kill it instantly. Here are some tips that I used to introduce my greys:

- They were muzzled anytime they were in the presence of the cats. This went on until I knew that they would no longer go after them.
- Dogs are very alpha-pack oriented. We had to show them in no uncertain terms that the cats were part of their "pack", and that they would be reprimanded if they did not take this seriously. Since the greys were the new members, we had to establish them into the pack's pecking order.
- Our reprimands were based on keeping them out of the pack - scold during the bad behavior, and ignoring them until they came around.
- We spent a lot of time playing with the cats in front of the dogs so that they knew they were part of us.

Your situtation is different, as you are bringing in a new kitten to the dogs' territory, not vica versa. These tips might not fully apply to you.

Since the cats were there before the grey's, if it had not worked out, I would have returned the greys. I would not risk the lives of any of my babies. One day I'll scan and post the picture of 8 week old Bogart sharing a food bowl with 95 pound, 4 foot tall (standing on 4 legs) Doug.
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Oh, I would NEVER let them loose together. Muzzells are GREAT idea!!! that way they could interact a bit (while supervised of course) with the worry of the JRTs biting the kitty! Thank you!!

if this doesn't work and there is no way I can trust the Jacks with the new kitty, I do have friend that said she would take her, so at least I know she will have a good home
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BabyPlease, I'm so glad you've gotten some advice that may help. I really hope you can make this work! But it's such wonderful news that you have someone who can take the kitty if it doesn't work out. I sure hope it does!

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