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Just took in my kittens to be spayed & neutered.

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I just dropped them off. I feel so bad leaving them there because they seemed pretty scared.

I know it needs to be done, though. I certainly don't want them to mate w/each other, and I don't want to have to deal with spraying, yowling,etc. that goes along with an intact cat.

How might they act when I pick them up tonight? I think I'm in need of some reassurance. Will they want to eat? I brought food w/me to the vet but he said that it wasn't necessary. What might they be like in terms of activity? I'm hoping they settle right back to being in their routine.
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Your boy will bounce back quicker than your girl, and your girl might be more groggy if you pick her up tonight. If they continue to be groggy tomorrow, call your vet for consultation. Every cat reacts to anesthesia differently. Sometimes they just need a night to sleep it off.

Spays are harder than neuters, and you will need to restrict activities for both for a day or two, and your girl for up to a week. You will want to check her incision often, and if there is any redness or swelling, call your vet immediately for consultation. You male will look like he is walking kind of bow-legged for a couple of days.

If they are groggy, they may not want to eat much tonight, but I suspect they will chow down on some food. Ask your vet if they need to have any food restrictions when you bring them home - usually they do not, but again, depends on the anesthesia that they used.

And don't worry - they will be fine! You are an angel for taking care of your babies!!!
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Aww your babies will be fine. Yes the girl will just need more time to recover ((( hugs ))).
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Ask the vet to be sure, but the male might not have any stitches (mine didn't), whereas the female will. Just make sure she doesn't lick the site a lot because it can re-open the stiches or cause infection. There are always those e-collars if you need them. -Personally, I think they are more trouble than they're worth. (but, I've only tried them on dogs)

Your vet should also tell you how soon they can eat and drink, they'll probably be more thirsty than hungry.
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Jili, I empathize - I'll be taking my boy and girl in a month (will be 5 months old then) and am dreading it. My brother just had his cat spayed (1 yr old) and I picked him up from the vet - he was so disoriented, they put that horrible helmet on his head (the vet says to keep it on for a week!) that made him sooo uncomfortable (PLEASE tell me this is optional, cause I'll take theirs off in a day). But he's getting better as the days go on. Your babies will be fine (easy for me to say, I'll need the same reassurance when mine to in ). Good luck!!
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Everything's fine, just as everyone said it would be.
I picked them up around 5:30 ish Tues. night. When we got home, they both came out of the carrier right away, and Ruby, our girl, chose to go downstairs to use the litter box. That surprised me, because we have two boxes and one is just a few feet from where I opened the carrier. Max, our boy, decided to eat a little bit right away. Then they both went to sleep for the majority of the night. By 9:30-10:00 Max was up and about pretty much acting like his usual self. Ruby definitely was more wiped out. Ruby was up close to midnight, and ate a little and was walking around. She has been licking her incision quite a bit, but it looks OK to me. She doesn't have any external sutures, luckily. I guess they're the absorbable kind. It is a very small incision. The vet didn't give us any kind of helmet or Elizabethan collar. The ladies at the vets office said that Max had been up for quite awhile, meowing at them. They thought he was really cute.

As of this morning (Thurs), Ruby seems to be doing more of her usual activities--jumping, playing, and running. Last night she jumped up on our bed,and I was surprised that she would be up for this so soon. I am so glad this is over with!

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Glad your kitties are doing well.

I noticed your kitties names are Max and Ruby and I just wanted to mention that I have two kittens about 6-7 months old with the same names.LOL.My 3 year old son named them after a cartoon about bunnies.Is this perhaps where your kitties got their names??LOL.
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Just a note of caution, you need to enclose them in a room where there are no stairs, and nothing they can jump up on. They will think they are okay and start to walk around exploring so you want them somewhere that temptation isn't there. You really don't want them on the stairs though.
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Yes, our kitties are named Max and Ruby after the TV show! Our 7 year old insisted on it. The funny thing though is that I have never seen either of my kids watch that show. I'd never even heard of it! But they really seemed like cute names for our kittens.

Our vet didn't give us specific instructions to keep her off stairs or prevent her from jumping. Honestly, I think that would be pretty impossible to keep her from--there's something in every room, and we can't keep an eye on them every second (like when we're sleeping or at work). I'm not worried, though. Last night (Thurs, & she had surgery on Tues) she seemed like she was her usual playful self. I've been keeping an eye on her incision and all looks well.
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glad they are doing better
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