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Do cats eat brocoli?

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Yesterday, one of my cats, Nicky, ate some brocoli. I have 2 other cats, and they wouldn't touch it. I was just wanting to know if this is normal, and if brocoli is toxic to cats. Any info would be appreciated.
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My loki does as well as cauliflower and my Peterle who crossed over the rainbow bridge used to love to steal string beans.
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I think cats are like people, they like what they like. One of my cats likes tomato sauce and Italian dressing. I can't imagine that veggies would be harmful. Maybe she justs needs some greens in her diet. Pet stores do sell seeds to grow kitty grass to fill this need.
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I have had different cats eat things as diverse as:

buttered toast
rice with butter and soy sauce
mushrooms off the pizza, but left the cheese
a take-out taco stolen from the bag when we weren't looking
onion rings
refried beans
soggy cereal out of a bowl of milk, but left the milk

I don't actually set out to feed them this stuff. With a small child, we sometimes leave food on the table and they get up there. Also, hubby likes to eat in bed (yuck) and there is often a plate of crumbs on the floor next to him. The onion rings and mushrooms were accidental. The cat in question was begging - as much as they ever "beg" - and out of annoyance I finally held a piece out saying, "Here you go, you silly beast, you won't even like it!" only to watch it disappear down a furry gullet with a purr. And of course it was followed up with more persistent "begging"!

And of course these are food items. I assume that most cats eat for their bodies' needs so a periodic serving of salsa meets some nutritional need. I have a friend whose cat eats soap and leather shoes (like the fringe off loafers), and I think that is a health problem. A little broccoli now and then seems pretty safe.
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My male cat also eats many different things. However I learned from this site that onion and onion powder can be harmful to them.
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Most people who put out food for feral cats just give them the scraps from the table. the people who live behind me dump the leftovers on the ground (not in a container). The cats here in my neighborhood are likely to get heavily spiced, hot peppery food ranging from potatoes and meat or fish to salads, humus and other exotic Middle Eastern specialties. Ferals also eat from garbage cans.

We all care that our cats are getting balanced and healthy food for their insides, but people are always gobbling things that are not good for them or are of no nutritional value. Our hair and skin may suffer, but for the most part we survive -- and so do the cats. With apparently some exceptions, most of what we can eat, a cat will not die from. We pass around food information because there are some foods or specific minerals or vitamins that can cause problems -- we should have more on this...? -- and others that cats simply don't digest. There are also medicines, such as aspirin and other analgesics, that can be toxic to cats (but not to dogs or primates).
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The other night, one of my cats was eating Cheerios without milk. The other cat will try to sneak food from any plates left sitting out. She doesn't eat it, it just ends up on the floor.
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One of my babies (an extremely greedy and rather portly Rex) decided he was going to have a go at a piece of my pizza the other night, - but boy did he get a surprise when he gobbled down a chunk of red pepper!! :laughing: he hasn't tried it again since!!

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